Here’s what’s in the new Equality Bill

You can comment on amendments to the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimation Act by 12 May


29 April 2021

Concourt rules that marriage act oppressing thousands of women is unconstitutional

The court upheld a ruling that marriages under the old Black Administration Act be made in community of property by default


15 April 2021

“We want to love the police, but they don’t want to love or respect us”

Picket held outside Parliament in solidarity with US protests against police brutality


3 June 2020

How we internalise stigma and shame

Biko’s legacy can help us recognise the invader within


4 December 2019

JSC in spotlight for slow adjudication of complaints against two judges

One complaint alleges state capture. The other alleges racism and sexism.


23 August 2019

Equality Court prohibits display of old South African flag

Old flag should only be displayed for “genuine artistic, academic or journalistic expression in the public interest”


22 August 2019

Farm workers say Oak Valley housing arrangements are racist

But farm retorts that its living conditions are humane


21 August 2019

Here are the arguments for and against banning the old South African flag

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and Afriforum are opposing each other in the Johannesburg Equality Court


29 April 2019

Equality Court makes it clear: No racism is acceptable

Velaphi Khumalo asked South Africa to be cleansed of whites, like Hitler did to Jews


8 October 2018

Concourt explains test for racism in the workplace

Employee who used the phrase “swart man” was rightly dismissed


22 May 2018

Mitchells Plain and Siqalo residents hold crisis meeting

“If we start a racial war in this country, it is going to help no one.”


3 May 2018

White Parklands resident accused of shooting black man in race attack

Victim says he was told: “I don’t need k****rs in my street”


16 January 2018

Why more criminalising of hate speech is a bad idea

Criminalisation of hate speech in otherwise good draft bill provides a space for right-wing to rally around


13 June 2017

“K” word rant sparks protest

17-year-old learner has been suspended from school


9 June 2017

Vigilante violence leaves Malawian family homeless

“The police do nothing so the people have decided to mobilise and handle the matter themselves”


13 February 2017

De Lille’s promise to reverse apartheid design rings hollow

Government has failed to take opportunities to integrate Cape Town


19 January 2017