Vigilante violence leaves Malawian family homeless

“The police do nothing so the people have decided to mobilise and handle the matter themselves”


13 February 2017

De Lille’s promise to reverse apartheid design rings hollow

Government has failed to take opportunities to integrate Cape Town


19 January 2017

Jews urged not to meet Tafelberg activists

Attending Ndifuna Ukwazi meeting may be detrimental to “community’s interests” say property developers


18 January 2017

Is it constitutional to make hate speech an offence?

An analysis of the Hate Crimes Bill


17 January 2017

Government finishes Sans Souci investigation

School principal Charmaine Murray retires


10 January 2017

Concourt takes firm stand against racism

Racism can no longer be glossed over, accommodated or excused


14 November 2016

Black hair hierarchy is a metaphor for life

It’s not just about hair - it’s about racism


2 September 2016

Sans Souci schoolgirls protest against alleged racist school policies

They claim they are not allowed to speak isiXhosa during break

By and

1 September 2016