Articles by Joseph Chirume

Photo of a group of people

Prayer meeting held for shot teenager

Sinazo Kleinbooi, 14, was shot and killed on her way home from school

By Joseph Chirume - 15 August 2019
Photo of a dead body

Spike in vigilante killings in Port Elizabeth

Police say communities resist investigations

By Joseph Chirume - 7 August 2019
Photo of Home Affairs building

Asylum seekers have to wait a year for an appointment in Port Elizabeth

Appointment note leaves people seeking refugee status vulnerable to arrest

By Joseph Chirume - 7 August 2019
Photo of PE court

Top PRASA manager accused of selling 42km of railway line he didn’t own

Mthuthuzeli Swartz’s case is being heard in the Port Elizabeth Specialised Crimes Court

By Joseph Chirume - 6 August 2019
Photo of man addressing crowd

PE residents come out in numbers to demand better policing

“If the police are afraid to go inside our community, then who will protect us?”

By Joseph Chirume - 18 July 2019
Photo of protesters

Workers at security company demand union recognition

Asked for comment, Impact Loss Control threatened legal action

By Joseph Chirume - 16 July 2019
Photo of protesters

“The black poor majority on farms are feeling the rot of this system”

Farm workers and farm dwellers protest to demand rural reforms

By Joseph Chirume - 12 July 2019
Photo of toilets

Only 15 toilets to serve 2,500 shacks in PE

“Half a loaf is better than nothing,” ward councillor says about the number of toilets to be shared by thousands

By Joseph Chirume - 4 July 2019
Photo of rubbish on the ground

Rubbish piles up outside expensive dump site

Motherwell residents say the hill is too steep to climb with a wheelie bin

By Joseph Chirume - 3 July 2019
Photo of people packing uo their shacks

“We should have left this place many years ago”

Residents of Powerline informal settlement are busy relocating to serviced stands in Port Elizabeth

By Joseph Chirume - 25 June 2019
Photo of patients outside Motherwell clinic

Health workers sit in at PE clinic following attack on nurse

Health department says it cannot deploy security guards into a room where confidential consultations take place

By Joseph Chirume - 13 June 2019
Photo of sewage in streets

Sewage floods PE streets

Residents say the problem started a year ago

By Joseph Chirume - 12 June 2019
Photo of PE court

More charges being brought against Mthuthuzeli Swartz

Former PRASA executive’s case postponed till August

By Joseph Chirume - 6 June 2019
Photo of traders along the road

Informal traders in PE want municipality to build stalls and toilets

“If the municipality fails to intervene, we will end up bankrupt”

By Joseph Chirume - 30 May 2019
Photo of children stepping over exposed electricity cables

These children have to step over electricity cables to get to school

“A time bomb waiting to explode”

By Joseph Chirume - 17 May 2019
Photo of men around a fire

PE small business owners take on construction company

Dispute over budget for river project

By Joseph Chirume - 15 May 2019