Articles by Joseph Chirume

Photo of protesters

Addo shut down by protests

Residents of one of the area’s oldest informal settlements want houses, electricity, tap water, toilets and passable roads

By Joseph Chirume - 28 February 2020
Photo of a man pushing a wheelbarrow

Vandals make drought worse in Graaff-Reinet

Taps ran dry last year for thousands of residents in drought-stricken town

By Joseph Chirume - 24 February 2020
Photo of sewage leaking down street

Failing pump floods Addo street with sewage

“Our municipality does not care about its residents”

By Joseph Chirume - 20 February 2020
Photo of an ambulance

Strike by Emergency Medical Services ends after four days

EMS employees in Graaff-Reinet went on strike last week Tuesday

By Joseph Chirume - 18 February 2020
Photo of a stream

Raw sewage flows into Sundays River, possibly for years already

Municipality says mechanical and electrical failure causing spillage

By Joseph Chirume - 17 February 2020
Photo of three people

Zimbabwean who got seven distinctions has started university

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of donors and ordinary people whose contributions will change Triphin’s life”

By Joseph Chirume - 4 February 2020
Photo of rubbish dump

I wish elections were held every month, says Motherwell voter

Rubbish dumps suddenly being cleared

By Joseph Chirume - 29 January 2020
Photo of girl with matric certificate

Brilliant matriculant can’t go to university - because she’s Zimbabwean

Triphin Mudzvengi got seven distinctions and wants to study civil engineering

By Joseph Chirume - 28 January 2020
Photo of children playing

Children use electricity pylon as jungle gym

Residents of PE township where four children died after playing on rubbish dump call for recreational facilities

By Joseph Chirume - 22 January 2020
Photo of bus depot

Talks deadlock as PE bus strike enters fourth week

Workers want to be employed directly by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

By Joseph Chirume - 16 January 2020
Photo of parked buses

Bus strike paralyses Port Elizabeth

Company and municipality blame each other for late payment of workers

By Joseph Chirume - 14 January 2020
Photo of funeral procession

Scores attend funeral of poisoned children in Motherwell

Families considering legal action against municipality

By Joseph Chirume - 13 January 2020
Photo of ambulances

No pay, no work: Eastern Cape ambulance drivers down keys

They say back-pay owed to them was promised by 6 January

By Joseph Chirume - 10 January 2020
Photo of dumpsite with cow

Death of children from toxic waste: municipality blames residents for dumping

But deadly dumpsite cleared at last

By Joseph Chirume - 8 January 2020
Photo of dumpsite

Residents point fingers at municipality after children poisoned on dumpsite

Motherwell families say rubbish is not collected and there is nowhere for children to play

By Joseph Chirume - 7 January 2020
Photo of red lion bus

Steep bus fare hike stops some Zimbabweans in PE going home

Bus companies in PE have increased prices from R800 to R1,500 for a single trip

By Joseph Chirume - 13 December 2019