Articles by Ashraf Hendricks

Photo of tent on lawn

Arcadia House: No solution in sight for families as demolition starts

“If we had anywhere else to go, we would gladly go”

By Ashraf Hendricks - 11 November 2019
Photo of protest

Commuters demand safer public transport for women and children

Women say they are groped and robbed

By Ashraf Hendricks - 31 October 2019
A women lifts her hands that was dippid in red coloured water which is used by the police water canon. She said that it resembles “blood”.

Chaos in Cape Town as refugees evicted from city centre protest

Court order against protesters outside UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Text by Madison Yauger. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 30 October 2019
Photo of a man

“Our blood does not want to be spilled in the land of South Africa”

Refugees respond to UNHCR media statements

Text by Madison Yauger. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 26 October 2019
Photo of protest

Learners march through Cape Town, demanding safer schools

Call for Western Cape Education Department to create safety committees

By Aisha Abdool Karim and Ashraf Hendricks - 26 October 2019
Photo of Waldorf Arcade

Dan Plato addresses refugees camped outside the UNHCR

Over 200 people are sleeping rough in a protest that has no end in sight

By Ashraf Hendricks and Madison Yauger - 18 October 2019
Photo of two people carrying cannabis

“People feel betrayed”: small-scale dagga growers fear exclusion from legal trade

Part two in a series on the Pondoland dagga growers

Text by Christopher Clark. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 14 October 2019
Photo of children throwing stones

Protesters face off against police in Vrygrond

Residents call for an end to shack demolitions

Text by Tariro Washinyira. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 7 October 2019
Photo of woman harvesting cannabis

Legalisation is killing our market, say small-scale dagga growers

Part one in a two-part series on the Pondoland dagga growers

Text by Christopher Clark. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 4 October 2019
Photo of building with people's beds on the lawn

Occupiers of old age home prepare for another night outside

No court rulings yet on their fate

By Ashraf Hendricks - 3 October 2019
Residents spend the night outside Arcadia Place in Observatory after being evicted.

Old age home occupiers evicted

Residents spend the night on the street in Observatory

By Ashraf Hendricks - 3 October 2019
Photo of Observatory building

Township residents occupy city old age home

CPOA says it intended to upgrade Observatory building, but new residents say they will not move

By Moira Levy and Ashraf Hendricks - 1 October 2019
Photo of RTC Zombie march

Satire and the City: Zombies and a dead president protest in Cape Town

Housing activists compare City’s housing policies to apartheid era

By Tariro Washinyira, Madison Yauger and Ashraf Hendricks - 30 September 2019
Photo of smoke bomb

Gang violence: Mother of slain Bishop Lavis woman doesn’t have much faith in the army

Police use rubber bullets during protest against violence

By Ashraf Hendricks - 25 September 2019
Photo of people protesting

Elsies River residents march against violence after spike in murders

“We’ve had enough killing, we’ve had enough violence, we’ve had enough murders”

By Ashraf Hendricks - 25 September 2019
Photo of post office

Vigils and protests across Cape Town against violence against women

“We shouldn’t have to fear our brothers, our fathers, our uncles, our neighbours. We shouldn’t have to fear the man at the post office”

By Ashraf Hendricks - 6 September 2019