Articles by Tania Broughton

Reports reveal horrors of solitary confinement in prisons

Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services says this is a violation of the Constitution


News | 18 January 2022

Court orders compensation for miner with hearing loss

Gauteng judges overturn tribunal ruling


Law | 17 January 2022

Court halts driving licence demerit system

Legislation is unconstitutional, rules judge


Law | 13 January 2022

Shell seismic survey: new court hearing on Friday

Environmentalists and community groups assemble expert evidence


News | 13 December 2021

Constitutional Court refuses damages to Ekurhuleni shack dwellers

Majority of judges say damages cannot be awarded to enforce socio-economic rights


Law | 7 December 2021

New court case launched to stop Shell’s seismic survey on Wild Coast

Case due to be heard by same judge who ruled against activists last week


Law | 6 December 2021

Minister and Legal Practice Council oppose court bid by Zimbabwean-born law graduates

Government argues the legal profession is not a rare or critical skill and that many South Africans struggle to get work


News | 24 November 2021

CPS has still not revealed how much profit it made from social grants contract

Seven months after Constitutional Court order to supply documents, liquidators apply to delay further


News | 18 November 2021

GroundUp’s Ray Joseph is suing the Chief Operating Officer of the Lottery

Award-winning reporter says Phillemon Letwaba defamed him


News | 15 November 2021

PRASA liable for injuries to man thrown from train

Supreme Court of Appeal delivers landmark judgment in a case involving a man attacked on a train in Stellenbosch in 2011


Law | 10 November 2021

State liable for damages after teenager shot by off-duty cop

Court found it “shocking” that officer had been given a firearm despite failing shooting tests and being “consistently incompetent”


Law | 9 November 2021

High Court warns Legal Practice Council “to get its house in order”

The regulator for legal practitioners “twiddled its thumbs” for eight years over delinquent attorney


Law | 8 November 2021

Parole board told to explain why repeat sex offender was released from jail

Appeal court decision revives woman’s civil suit against minister of justice for R2 million in damages


Law | 2 November 2021

Vital Concourt judgment on warrantless searches

Case arises out of “degrading and invasive” raids on “poor and vulnerable” communities in downtown Johannesburg


Law | 25 October 2021

Homeless people organise to vote in local elections

National Homeless Network presents manifesto to ANC, DA, IFP, and Action SA in Durban meeting


News | 22 October 2021

Employee dismissed for racist rant on Facebook loses court bid

Irrelevant that the statement was made after hours or that employee was unaware of company’s social media policy


Law | 11 October 2021