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Quality news reporting of the kind we strive for at GroundUp is expensive. Most of our our stories are made available under a Creative Commons license and we do not charge for access to our content. We aim to report vital news about social justice issues that is often ignored by big media organisations. If you agree that what we do is important and good please consider making a donation.

EFT donations

You can support GroundUp by making a donation directly into our account: Our account details are:
Bank: Nedbank
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You can also make a tax deductible donation to GroundUp via Community Media trust (the co-owners of GroundUp) using GivenGain.

Want to donate monthly? The easiest way to do it currently is through Givengain. Just make sure the "Make this a monthly recurring donation" option is checked on the first GivenGain screen.


You can donate to GroundUp using your smartphone via this SnapScan barcode:

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Please note that if you made a donation to GroundUp via SnapScan prior to 26th October 2016, we do not have your contact information. If you would like to obtain a Section 18A certificate for your tax records, please contact and we would be happy to assist you.


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US donors

If you are in the US you can donate to GroundUp via the South Africa Development Fund using Network for Good. Please choose "Ground Up" in the field with the label "I want my donation to be designated toward". Donations are tax deductible.


Company Registration Details

GroundUp is managed and co-owned by Community Media Trust.
Non-profit registration: 034-718-NPO
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Community Media Trust is a BEE Level 3 company.