About GroundUp

GroundUp is a news agency. Our articles are made available for republication, usually under a Creative Commons license, to news publications. We report news that is in the public interest, with an emphasis on the human rights of vulnerable communities. We want our stories to make a difference. 

We value high-quality, ethical journalism. We are independent and do not promote any political party. We try to write in plain language. We also solicit and publish opinion pieces. We prefer opinion pieces that are fact-rich from people who work in the field about which they are writing.

GroundUp started in April 2012 as a joint project of Community Media Trust and the University of Cape Town's Centre for Social Science Research.

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We are almost entirely supported by donations. Please consider donating to GroundUp. 

We make mistakes. When we do, we want to hear about it. Please report any factual errors in our news stories or opinion pieces by emailing [email protected].

We strive to adhere to the press code. We are members of Press Council and abide by the press ombudsman. GroundUp tries not to give a platform to pseudoscience (such as AIDS denialism or climate change denialism) or bigotry (such as  racism, sexism and homophobia) even when providing the right to reply or in the comments and letters sections. 

An important part of our work is training. Several of our reporters used to be activists in social movements. They have joined GroundUp because they want to learn to become good journalists. We also recruit interns who are still at university.

Please note though that we do not offer formal training on demand. Unfortunately if you request us to train you, we are likely to say no, because we simply don't have the resources.

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