Articles by Edwin Cameron

Violence in prisons is increasing. The prisons watchdog needs more power to stop it

A Constitutional Court decision, awaited since March, will be crucial for the safety of inmates and wardens

By Edwin Cameron - 3 September 2020

Enemies of the nation: How the “war on drugs” has failed South Africa

Drug use is a social and health issue. It is not a criminal justice issue

By Edwin Cameron - 19 August 2020
Photo of Boksburg prison

Covid-19 and the perils of over-incarceration

Inspecting judge calls for prisoner releases

By Edwin Cameron - 24 April 2020
Photo of two people in a prison

Our prisons are failing. They need to become correctional facilities

Our policies have become more punitive, yet our crime rate continues going up

By Edwin Cameron - 3 March 2020
Photo of Edwin Cameron

How we internalise stigma and shame

Biko’s legacy can help us recognise the invader within

By Edwin Cameron - 4 December 2019
Photo of Pollsmoor Prison

Minimum prison sentences must go, says Constitutional Court judge

They “are poorly-thought out, misdirected, hugely costly and an ineffective way of punishing criminals”

By Edwin Cameron - 3 November 2017
Photo of Andy Morobi

I owe my life to you, says judge

Edwin Cameron addresses scientists and activists at Durban Aids conference

By Edwin Cameron - 19 July 2016
Photo of Edwin Cameron

Medicine patent system must be fixed

Current system is not developing enough of the drugs we need

By Edwin Cameron - 18 March 2016

The rabbi, the president and the Palestinians

On 23 November, Geoff Sifrin's book Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris – How humanity, morality and humour helped lead a community was launched at the Great Synagogue in Johannesburg. Judge Edwin Cameron delivered this speech. He addressed Harris's commitment to reaching out across the divides in the South African Jewish community as well as perhaps the most vexing question facing many Jews: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Edwin Cameron - 24 November 2015

Fidelity and betrayal under the law

Constitutional Court judge Edwin Cameron delivered the Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture at Oxford University on 16 June. While much longer than pieces we normally carry, the speech is relevant to vital current issues and we present it here in full.

Edwin Cameron - 17 June 2015

Justice: A Personal Account

Constitutional Court judge Edwin Cameron has published a new book, Justice: A Personal Account. It is a forceful defence of the rule of law and South Africa's Constitution.

Edwin Cameron - 18 February 2014

Cameron to African leaders: End stigma against gays

This is an edited transcript of a speech by Judge Edwin Cameron on 28 June at the UNAIDS/LANCET Commissioners Dinner in Malawi. Cameron criticised stigmatising laws that hamper the response to HIV.

Edwin Cameron - 2 July 2013