Articles by Barbara Maregele

Photo of woman in protective suit

Covid-19: Emergency workers resort to making their own protective equipment

But Western Cape Health says workers do have sufficient equipment

By Vincent Lali and Barbara Maregele - 6 May 2020
Photo of banner in hall

Robertson farmer takes activists to court over eviction email

Rural Legal Centre accused farmer of not complying with law

By Barbara Maregele - 20 April 2020
Photo of a group of people walking in a street

Covid-19: “People thought it was a normal holiday” says Boland community activist

Daily challenges, such as access to water, just got bigger in rural Western Cape

By Barbara Maregele - 31 March 2020
Photo of two people hugging

Charges against Women on Farms director withdrawn

Colette Solomon was arrested during an anti-eviction protest

By Barbara Maregele - 27 February 2020

Farm worker challenges authorities in court over housing

Municipality and province accused of not meeting constitutional obligations

By Barbara Maregele - 20 February 2020
Photo of Connor and his mom

Equality Court orders shop to accommodate wheelchairs

“I want to give my son as full a life as I can, even if it means fighting so he can go to the shop like anyone else” says mother

By Barbara Maregele - 14 February 2020

Residents to take municipality to court over water meters

Witzenberg municipality accused of denying indigent grants to residents who refuse to install water management devices

By Barbara Maregele - 12 February 2020
Photo of a gavel

Sexual offences courts’ regulations finally gazetted

Date for implementation still to be set

By Barbara Maregele - 6 February 2020
Photo of a group of people outside court

Debt collecting firm Flemix fined for dodgy practice

This is a significant step in reforming micro-lending industry, says law clinic attorney

By Barbara Maregele - 5 February 2020
Photo of people at court

Denying people in wheelchairs access to shops is discriminatory, argues lawyer

Mitchells Plain shop owner says policy was implemented to stop “rampant shoplifting”

By Barbara Maregele and Mosima Rafapa - 15 January 2020
Photo of man in corridor

“We had no idea he couldn’t walk” claims shop owner who refused access to child in wheelchair

But child’s mom hits back in Equality Court papers

By Barbara Maregele - 9 January 2020
Photo of JP Smith

City to use bylaws to remove refugees

Smith says failure to do this will have dire consequences for the informal traders on Greenmarket Square

By Barbara Maregele - 18 December 2019
Photo of people in court corridor

Court reprimands shop owner who denied access to child in wheelchair

“No one should be allowed to waste the court’s time unnecessarily” says magistrate

By Barbara Maregele - 11 December 2019
Photo of a house

The grim life of a Philippi farm worker

But farmers say they too are struggling

By Barbara Maregele - 22 November 2019
Photo of a mother and child

Mitchells Plain store owner given two weeks to respond to Equality Court

Store manager says shop owner might leave the country soon

By Barbara Maregele - 12 November 2019
Photo of a police vehicle

“We didn’t ask for much” – seven years after the De Doorns uprising

“We are getting to a point where we will definitely see another strike soon”

By Barbara Maregele - 11 November 2019