Articles by Kimberly Mutandiro

Hungry children go hunting to get food

Without daily school meals, children do odd jobs or hunt pigeons and rabbits to get lunch

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 16 September 2020

ANC infighting blamed for halted Ekurhuleni water project

Some community members say that jobs should be given to people living while others are angry that the fixing of leaks has stopped

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 11 September 2020

Families face eviction from one of Gauteng’s iconic buildings

“I can’t believe that l am losing my home again” says 60-year-old woman

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 31 August 2020

“Government should meet us halfway and give us this land”

13 arrested following land occupation in Tsakane

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 17 August 2020

Partially blind woman faces eviction

The owner of the shack Siphiwe Mdluli rents wants to move back in

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 4 August 2020

SANDF cuts Happiness Village off from the world, places community leader under house arrest

Lawyers say army has no right to conduct “military exercises” in and around the informal settlement

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 26 July 2020

79-year-old in housing occupation faces eviction

Only 54 houses built in six years instead of 600 in Nigel housing project

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 22 July 2020

Eskom users, fined for bridging electricity, beg to be reconnected

In Orange Farm many residents have been disconnected for two years because they can’t pay the R6k remedial fee

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 16 July 2020

Midvaal occupation is no race war, say landowners

“The Elandsfontein landowners are a diverse group of people from all race groups”

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 13 July 2020

Land occupation in Midvaal the work of a criminal syndicate, says City

Walkerville “Big Six” say land must be taken from whites and given to black people

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 9 July 2020

Immigrant tradesmen accuse police of harassment

Johannesburg Metro police say they are enforcing Covid-19 regulations

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 25 June 2020

“This is not a land grab. We are taking back what belongs to us”

Hundreds of people in Midvaal occupy private land

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 23 June 2020

Eskom warns that residents who “bridge” electricity will remain in the dark

Tsakane residents without electricity for two weeks block roads in protest

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 19 June 2020

Teenagers sell fruit and vegetables to help family make ends meet

“Our mother has taught us to work extra hard because we are immigrants”

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 17 June 2020

“We are not evicting the residents, we are relocating them” says councillor

Human rights lawyer condemns “forceful and unlawful” evictions by SANDF

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 5 June 2020

Alcohol ban creates flourishing black market for Ghanaian whisky

“Selling whisky sachets and cigarettes is the only option l have at the moment”

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 29 May 2020