Articles by Geoffrey Allsop

Groundbreaking court judgment on mining and community rights

Court rules that Xolobeni community should have received mining application before the right was granted

By Geoffrey Allsop - 22 September 2020

Amended law will improve transparency of political party funding

Parties have to publicly disclose their financial backers

By Geoffrey Allsop - 15 June 2020

Court orders Reserve Bank to make apartheid records public

South African History Archive Trust wins important victory for access to information

By Geoffrey Allsop - 3 June 2020
Photo of cape high court

Covid-19: Why court allowed father to travel between provinces to bring children home

Judge explains reasons for ruling

By Geoffrey Allsop - 17 April 2020
Photo of school child from back

Court decision is major victory for Eastern Cape learners

Makhanda High Court declares new school admission policy unconstitutional

By Geoffrey Allsop - 20 January 2020
Photo of District Six protest

District Six: Why judge described minister as “reckless and grossly negligent”

Personal cost order against Maite Nkoana Mashabane after land claims process stalls

By Geoffrey Allsop - 13 August 2019
Photo of Constitutional Court

Court stops divorced women from facing destitution

Holomisa vs Holomisa is a victory for women living in the Transkei

By Geoffrey Allsop - 1 November 2018
Photo of Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court rules to protect workers hired by labour brokers

Long controversy over employment conditions settled

By Geoffrey Allsop - 18 September 2018
Photo of the University of Cape Town

Report proposes way forward on transformation for UCT law faculty

“Honest process of introspection” needed, says Professor Hugh Corder

By Geoffrey Allsop - 23 August 2018