Articles by Nompendulo Ngubane

Parents shut down schools and clinic in Pietermaritzburg

They are demanding that a principal be fired


3 June 2021

Conditions are dreadful at Pietermaritzburg morgue

Unclaimed bodies decaying, a terrible stench, no hot water, equipment and vehicles broken


31 May 2021

Truda Foods workers protest in one city while Labour Court rules against company in another

Judge sends message that courts should not be used to prevent workers organising

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26 May 2021

Imbali brought to standstill by fury over electricity cut

Eskom says it isn’t safe for its teams to complete their work


14 May 2021

Graves “desecrated” for land occupation in Pietermaritzburg

“We grew up knowing that we must respect the dead. What is happening here is heartless” says widower


13 May 2021

Equal Education demands release of KZN learner transport policy

“It’s difficult to concentrate in class after a long walk” says learner


23 April 2021

Students unable to pay rent sleep outside college gates

“Getting education in this country is still a challenge and it won’t be better anytime soon”


14 April 2021

Taxi operators bring township to a standstill over potholed roads

This comes two years after people last protested for the roads to be fixed in Maqongqo, Pietermaritzburg


30 March 2021

Community shuts down dilapidated Pietermaritzburg school

Education department to investigate complaints


18 March 2021

Parents shut down school, take circuit manager hostage

“We buy chalk ourselves” says teacher


12 March 2021

Schools shut down in protest over lack of water

Protesters prevent learners from attending classes until tap water is restored


15 February 2021

Protest over stalled road project in Pietermaritzburg

“You can’t tell me that fixing one kilometre can take years”


11 February 2021

How a group of widows found a way to earn a living

But they could use some help to protect their tools from being stolen


8 February 2021

Covid-19 grant beneficiaries pay up to R150 for a place in post office queue

“South Africa is like that, if you don’t have money you can’t have access to things”


20 January 2021

Edendale hospital loses nine staff to Covid-19 in one week, says NEHAWU

“You ask yourself who is next and it is scary”


19 January 2021

Scores of beneficiaries in Pietermaritzburg rush to renew lapsed disability grants

Cancer patient turned away after sleeping outside SASSA office to renew grant


12 January 2021