Articles by Nompendulo Ngubane

Protest over stalled road project in Pietermaritzburg

“You can’t tell me that fixing one kilometre can take years”


11 February 2021

How a group of widows found a way to earn a living

But they could use some help to protect their tools from being stolen


8 February 2021

Covid-19 grant beneficiaries pay up to R150 for a place in post office queue

“South Africa is like that, if you don’t have money you can’t have access to things”


20 January 2021

Edendale hospital loses nine staff to Covid-19 in one week, says NEHAWU

“You ask yourself who is next and it is scary”


19 January 2021

Scores of beneficiaries in Pietermaritzburg rush to renew lapsed disability grants

Cancer patient turned away after sleeping outside SASSA office to renew grant


12 January 2021

Police use rubber bullets to disperse housing protesters

“Every time there is an election the governing party politicians go in there promising them housing and basic services but nothing is ever done”


27 November 2020

Decomposing bodies piling up since 2010 at Pietermaritzburg mortuary

Staff say conditions have only got worse since they protested in 2018


19 November 2020

Eight hospital staff suspended after protest

This follows the forced removal of the Northdale Hospital CEO by his staff


19 November 2020

NEHAWU members remove Northdale Hospital CEO from the building

The group say they are dissatisfied with his management of the hospital


10 November 2020

Glebelands murder trial: Witness describes mistrust of Umlazi police

One victim was murdered at a police station


6 November 2020

Families live in shacks on a railway line after housing project abandoned

Housing project built in Pietermaritzburg without sewerage or planning


4 November 2020

Henley Dam community protest over lack of water

“We have been suffering for long and it’s taking forever”


20 October 2020

Glebelands: Witness places four accused at murder scenes

“As they were following him, a gunshot went off”


14 October 2020

Glebelands witness says accused showed him photos of victims

Defence lawyer accuses witness of trying to escape his own prosecution


9 October 2020

Glebelands Eight: witness describes murder plot

Trial resumes in Pietermaritzburg High Court after lockdown delay


6 October 2020

Family’s RDP home sold without their knowledge

Headman who charged R1,500 fee for sale condemned by chief and provincial authority


9 September 2020