Photo of the minister of police

Police minister declares anti gang unit a success in its first month

Community members of Cape Flats praise police but complain about a lack of cooperation

By Saam Niami Jalinous - 29 November 2018
Phot of Peltons

“Mommy mommy, they just shot Dylan!”

Dylan Pelton, a teenage victim of Bonteheuwel’s gang violence, would have turned 20 on 5 November

By Ashraf Hendricks - 5 November 2018
Photo of protesters

Cape Flats communities shut down in protest over lack of policing

“When we call the police, they don’t come, but now they are standing around here just watching us”

By Ashraf Hendricks and Barbara Maregele - 25 September 2018
Photo of Bishop Lavis protest

Stacy Ganger, 12, died in gang crossfire in 2016. More than two years later, no-one has been arrested.

Bishop Lavis residents demand better policing

By Ashraf Hendricks - 12 September 2018
Photo of people marching

“Mass shutdown” planned on the Cape Flats in October

Hundreds expected to march against crime and gang violence

By Barbara Maregele - 11 September 2018

Hundreds of Bonteheuwel residents protest against gang violence

Roads closed off, police fire stun grenades

By Ashraf Hendricks - 29 August 2018
Photo of protesters

“Kensington police station is a museum”

Three avenues closed on Friday morning by residents fed up with gang violence

By Tariro Washinyira - 24 August 2018
Photo of dried out earth

Soccer clubs fall victim to drought

No water to maintain Atlantis sports fields

By Peter Luhanga - 1 March 2018
Photo of a park

One-year-old, R12 million Atlantis park vandalised

Residents say the community has other priorities

By Peter Luhanga - 28 February 2018
Photo of Robin Adams

Readers step in to help boy who was shot by stray bullet

School fees raised for Manenberg teen

By Barbara Maregele - 31 January 2018
Photo of woman and boy

A Manenberg mother’s desperate struggle to save her son

Shereen Adams fought for her son’s life when he was shot during gang violence. Now she’s fighting to keep him at school.

By Barbara Maregele - 29 January 2018
Photo of SJC meeting

“There will be less violence if our children have something to do after school”

Residents call for more resources to combat youth gangsterism

By Barbara Maregele - 29 September 2017

All school excursions cancelled in Manenberg

Children exposed to gang violence

By Barbara Maregele - 26 September 2017
Photo of a man at a desk

John Fredericks: “I’ve been labelled a skollie all my life”

Author talks about how his acclaimed movie is helping to change lives on the Cape Flats

By Barbara Maregele - 15 September 2017
Photo of protesters

Kensington community pickets for more police resources

Community Policing Forum says SAPS has committed to providing at least nine new officers

By Sune Payne - 11 September 2017
Photo of teens speaking at the launch

Teens discuss effects of gun violence in their communities

New radio project will tackle gun violence

By Tariro Washinyira - 7 August 2017