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Commuters have deserted Metrorail

Another year at best before Cape Town Central line resumes service to Khayelitsha

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21 June 2021

SAHRC commissioner finds sewage gushing from drains in Cape Town housing project

Residents of Victoria Mxenge demand a permanent solution to sewerage problems


15 June 2021

Judge to oversee plan to re-open Cape Town Refugee Reception Office

Court rules Home Affairs must provide monthly progress reports


18 May 2021

There’s not much left of Netreg train station in Cape Town

Neglect and vandalism have destroyed the station since the train service on the Central Line was suspended in 2018


18 May 2021

Wynberg’s unwanted hounded homeless

“Everyone wants a place to put their head down” says community leader


14 May 2021

Judge proposes plan to speed up re-opening of Refugee Office

Home Affairs plans to open centre by April next year but judge Alma de Wet criticises delay


12 May 2021

Home Affairs implements online renewal for asylum seekers

The aim is to provide an extension of visa service without risking exposure to Covid-19


6 May 2021

Fix sewage problem before adding more houses say Philippi residents

City blames misuse of the system for the frequent blockages


6 May 2021

Cape Town refugee sites to stay open longer after Home Affairs backtrack

Home Affairs warned the refugees to accept offers of assistance by the UNHCR or leave the sites, but the department has not enforced the demand


3 May 2021

Gay refugees denied asylum by Home Affairs bigotry - report

Organisations analysed letters denying LGBTI applicants refugee status


30 April 2021

Immigrant traders demand to know why City of Cape Town has moved them

City says the move allows access to emergency vehicles, but traders say their spots have simply been taken over by locals


29 April 2021

New attempt to force Home Affairs to obey court orders

Asylum seekers have struggled with documents since 2012 when Home Affairs closed its Cape Town refugee office


20 April 2021

Refugee protest leaders deported

Remaining protesters given a choice: reintegrate or repatriate


19 April 2021

Activists sceptical about Home Affairs’ ability to move refugee process online

Department extends validity of asylum and refugee permits until 30 June


14 April 2021

Protesters march to Zimbabwean consulate demanding gay rights

Zimbabwean government needs to step up and take responsibility for its citizens’ rights, says reverend


12 April 2021

Northlink students picket for NSFAS payments

Protesters regroup after police disperse them


26 March 2021