Articles by Tariro Washinyira

Photo of judge in court

Oak Valley: employers and employees argue over court jurisdiction

Workers want their plea for better housing heard in the Equality Court

By Tariro Washinyira - 17 September 2019
Photo of protest

“We need to address the massive unemployment, inequality and poverty that allow violence”

Cape Town activists march against violence

By Tariro Washinyira - 12 September 2019
Photo of derailed train

Train derailed at Bellville station

About 20 minor injuries

By Tariro Washinyira - 12 September 2019
Photo of Robert Mugabe

“The list of Mugabe’s crimes is endless”

GroundUp’s Zimbabwean reporters write about what Robert Mugabe meant to them

By Joseph Chirume, Kimberly Mutandiro, Bernard Chiguvare and Tariro Washinyira - 6 September 2019
Photo of a girl holding a poster

“I was raped by someone who belonged to my church at the age of 15”

Athlone residents speak out against violence against women

By Tariro Washinyira - 6 September 2019
Photo of demonstrators holding placards

Mnangagwa’s critics and supporters face off in Cape Town

Rival groups demonstrate in front of the World Economic Forum meeting

By Tariro Washinyira - 5 September 2019
Photo of water cannon spraying people

#AmINextProtest: police use water cannons against protesters

Demonstrators demand action from Ramaphosa

By Mary-Anne Gontsana, Tariro Washinyira, Ashraf Hendricks and Lucas Nowicki - 4 September 2019
Photo of flower selling market in Cape Town

Generations of Cape Town flower traders cut it in the city market

“Everybody in the family is here, cousins, aunties and great aunties”

Text by Tariro Washinyira. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 28 August 2019
Photo of protesters

PRASA employee describes dysfunctional organisation

“Angry customers ask why we want to verify their tickets when there is no service?” says ticket collector

By Tariro Washinyira - 27 August 2019
Photo of a woman sweeping stairs

“We turned an unused building into a place many now call home”

“In this place there is love and care,” says Woodstock hospital occupier

By Tariro Washinyira - 27 August 2019
Photo of workers on the steps of the court

Farm workers say Oak Valley housing arrangements are racist

But farm retorts that its living conditions are humane

By Tariro Washinyira - 21 August 2019
Photo of a train

Commuters left stranded by Metrorail in Cape Town

“Every day when I arrive at work I am already exhausted because of the shoving and standing inside the overcrowded trains.”

By Tariro Washinyira - 19 August 2019
Photo of protesters

Former mine workers march to Parliament on Marikana day

Unpaid Benefits Campaign say it can prove workers are owed money

By Tariro Washinyira - 16 August 2019
photo of burning tyres

Gatvol Capetonian leaders take housing protest to the mayor

Several protests were held across the city on Thursday morning

By Ashraf Hendricks and Tariro Washinyira - 8 August 2019
Photo of protesters

Woodstock Hospital occupiers protest in Civic Centre

City of Cape Town considering buying occupied Woodstock Hospital from Province, says mayor

By Tariro Washinyira - 7 August 2019
Photo of a man in court

Man charged with torching Metrorail carriages remanded in Pollsmoor hospital

He will appear again in court on 29 August

By Tariro Washinyira - 1 August 2019