Articles by Tariro Washinyira

Photo of people marching

Zimbabweans in Cape Town protest against state crackdown

“I would like to know if Emmerson Mnangagwa uses bond notes to book his air tickets and accommodation?”

By Tariro Washinyira - 17 January 2019
Phot of Ebenezer Odei

Ghanaian matriculant gets funding to start university

Company pays half Ebenezer Odei’s fees and will try to crowdfund the balance

By Tariro Washinyira - 16 January 2019
Photo of young man

Ghanaian matriculant battles with Home Affairs over documents

Ebenezer Odei has been accepted to study at UCT but his residency status causes funding delays

By Tariro Washinyira - 11 January 2019
Photo of protesters

Workers barred from picketing at Dis-Chem

Company claims historic victory in Labour Court; four workers arrested

By Tariro Washinyira - 5 December 2018
Photo of Zimbabwean passport

Be patient, Home Affairs tells Zimbabweans awaiting permits

Visa processing company expected to finish its work by end of January

By Tariro Washinyira - 3 December 2018
Photo of protesting workers

Cape Town Civic Centre locked down during MyCiTi protest

City says it cannot insource aggrieved employees

By Tariro Washinyira - 21 November 2018
Photo of two men and a dog

Metrorail is bad enough if you can see: it’s worse if you’re blind

Blind commuters recount their daily battles on the trains

By Tariro Washinyira - 9 November 2018
Photo of a Zimbabwean passport

Home Affairs in court after official tears up child’s passport

Tinashe Bello was happily at school in Cape Town until he applied for a visa to allow him to represent his school in a German soccer tournament

By Tariro Washinyira - 31 October 2018
Photo of protesters

MyCiTi bus drivers released on bail

The strikers were arrested on Tuesday for defying a court order

By Tariro Washinyira - 24 October 2018
Photo of man from back

Five bus drivers arrested as MyCiTi strike heats up

Workers defied court order, says Brett Herron

By Tariro Washinyira - 23 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Workers stand in solidarity with MyCiTi bus strikers

Brett Herron criticises unprotected strike

By Tariro Washinyira - 18 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Workers vow to continue with MyCiTi bus strike

NUMSA says strike “hijacked” by EFF

By Tariro Washinyira - 17 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Striking drivers disrupt MyCiTi bus routes

Employees, who are unhappy with pay differences and dissatisfied with their union, have started an unprotected strike

By Tariro Washinyira - 15 October 2018
Photo of children playing soccer

Zimbabwean waiter uses his wages to run a free soccer academy

Harvest Soccer Academy is two years old and has 43 children

By Tariro Washinyira - 12 October 2018
Photo of police on train station

Police slam PRASA on rail safety

Top policeman shocks provincial legislature with list of complaints

By Tariro Washinyira - 26 September 2018
Photo of empty taxi rank

Chaos at Bellville taxi rank

MEC said rank will be open when it is safe

By Tariro Washinyira - 26 September 2018