Articles by Tariro Washinyira

Protesters march to Zimbabwean consulate demanding gay rights

Zimbabwean government needs to step up and take responsibility for its citizens’ rights, says reverend


12 April 2021

Northlink students picket for NSFAS payments

Protesters regroup after police disperse them


26 March 2021

Refugee leader detained for over 120 days

Aline Bukuru has been separated from her three children who remain in the Bellville camp without a guardian


24 March 2021

Zimbabwean mother and daughter start veggie farm after losing jobs during lockdown

Jane Hozheri says they are making more money farming than in their previous jobs


24 March 2021

Department of Home Affairs flouts court orders, year after year

Still no functional refugee reception office in Cape Town


23 March 2021

Refugee organisations stage ceremony pretending that Home Affairs has resumed services

Asylum seekers are desperate for government to start serving them again


19 March 2021

Schools still turning away immigrant children

In spite of instructions, children without documents are still being refused places


16 March 2021

Northlink students threaten to shutdown campuses

The college has promised to meet with student leaders on Wednesday to discuss their grievances


12 March 2021

Home Affairs says it will clear 68-year backlog in refugee applications in four years

The UNHCR and Home Affairs have announced a US$9.6 million asylum seeker backlog project


9 March 2021

Covid-19 leaves immigrants desperate for help with food

8,000 families have turned to Zimbabwean embassy for assistance


3 March 2021

Zimbabwean couple demand gay rights

Yet having fled Zimbabwe, they face “corrupt, homophobic and xenophobic” Home Affairs in South Africa, says NGO


26 February 2021

At least two arrested during standoff between police and SAFTU in Cape Town

Hundreds picket on Wednesday over mass retrenchments, wage freezes and budget cuts among other things

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24 February 2021

Covid-19: Don’t put other people’s lives at risk, urges hospital cleaner

Thembelani Zake has had the disease and sees its effects daily in his work


23 February 2021

“The slow violence of malnutrition”

One in four children under five is undernourished and one in eight is overweight or obese, say researchers

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18 February 2021

Commuters wary of trains as service resumes

The Central Line started operating on Tuesday again but only between Cape Town and Langa


18 February 2021

Helping immigrant children get into schools

The Scalabrini Centre’s #access4EVERYchild campaign is assisting families


16 February 2021