Articles by Peter Luhanga

Photo of a street with sewage

Raw sewage runs through Dunoon’s Ethembeni informal settlement

Residents say they have been living in these conditions for over a year

By Peter Luhanga - 27 August 2019
Photo of bus

MyCiTi suspension on N2 hits commuters hard

Khayelitsha commuters are battling with transport costs

By Peter Luhanga - 16 August 2019
Photo of three boys building shack

Three children rebuild their shack – again

City of Cape Town says only unoccupied shacks were demolished, but residents disagree

By Peter Luhanga - 26 June 2019
Photo of woman speaking in mosque

Africa Day workshop in Dunoon tackles xenophobia

Event hosted by Institute for Healing of Memories and Claremont Main Road Mosque

By Peter Luhanga - 27 May 2019
Photo of two children outside shack

Dunoon land occupiers club together to pay for lawyer

Evicted eight times from private land

By Peter Luhanga - 22 May 2019

Housing activists occupy Green Point bowling club

Reclaim the City builds concrete wall on bowling green in civil disobedience protest

By Peter Luhanga - 1 May 2019
Photo of a new sport centre

Dunoon sport centre comes alive after four-year legal dispute

City of Cape Town ordered to pay construction company R5.8 million and legal costs

By Peter Luhanga - 26 April 2019
Photo of Red Ants

Red Ants demolish 110 shacks in Dunoon

About 500 land occupiers lose their homes

By Peter Luhanga - 25 April 2019
Photo of overflowing sewers

Dunoon’s streets are running with raw sewage

City blames the mess on “misuse of the sewer system”

By Peter Luhanga - 3 April 2019
Photo of protesters

Hout Bay taxi bosses in hiding after flare-up of violence

Fight over lucrative route leaves five drivers dead

By Peter Luhanga - 2 April 2019
Photo of a taxi rank

City to reissue taxi operating licenses in Dunoon

“There will be a huge outrage in Table View if this goes ahead” says Greater Table View Action Forum

By Peter Luhanga - 8 March 2019
Photo of a woman in front of fire debris

Hundreds left homeless after shack fire in Dunoon

People have lost everything in the fire, but luckily there were no fatalities

By Peter Luhanga - 15 February 2019
Photo of a dam and shacks

Living on a dam wall

Shack dwellers in Dunoon have occupied the edge of a dam

By Peter Luhanga - 8 February 2019
Photo of school principal

School hit with half-a-million rand water bill

Neighbours tapped into school’s supply

By Peter Luhanga - 28 January 2019
Photo of protest at Silver Leaf Primary

SGB shuts down school after dispute with principal

Learners want the school reopened

By Peter Luhanga - 14 January 2019
Photo of pensioners protesting

Malmesbury residents march against high utility bills

“Two weeks before my husband gets paid, we have no food in the house.”

By Peter Luhanga - 23 November 2018