Articles by Peter Luhanga

July deadline to relocate 1,500 Dunoon families “is no longer feasible”

“The units will not be for ownership. They will be owned by the province and leased to the beneficiaries,” says MEC

By Peter Luhanga - 1 July 2020

Doornbach residents resist Covid-19 relocation plan

About 1,500 Dunoon families are to be moved to Winning Way

By Peter Luhanga - 23 June 2020

Dunoon ward councillor’s office petrol bombed

Land occupation blamed for arson attack

By Peter Luhanga - 19 June 2020

Family of five die in shack fire

Teenage daughter survives as she was visiting her cousin at the time of the fire

By Peter Luhanga - 15 June 2020

Swartland police fire rubber bullets and teargas at shack dwellers

Silvertown residents are demanding basic municipal services

By Peter Luhanga - 4 June 2020

Dunoon explodes after shacks demolished

Former backyarders torch vehicles

By Peter Luhanga - 2 June 2020

Life was better in quarantine in luxury hotel

Dunoon residents who have recovered from Covid-19 return to informal settlement

By Peter Luhanga - 18 May 2020

Overcrowded Dunoon battles rising Covid-19 cases

No social distancing and health workers protest after colleagues test positive

By Peter Luhanga - 15 May 2020
Photo of open land

Covid-19: 1,500 Dunoon residents to be moved by July

“We don’t want any more delays,” says Minister Sisulu

By Peter Luhanga - 22 April 2020

Covid-19: Four people have tested positive in Dunoon, says councillor

But life in the streets goes on as usual

By Peter Luhanga - 15 April 2020
Photo of woman in front of shack

Covid-19: Plans to move thousands from informal settlements met with scepticism

“They should consult us before making these statements” says community leader

By Tariro Washinyira and Peter Luhanga - 8 April 2020
Photo of man in wheelchair

Covid-19: “We can’t stay inside when we have no toilets”

Lockdown meaningless in Dunoon informal settlements

By Peter Luhanga - 31 March 2020
Photo of police

Police remove students protesters at Malmesbury college

West Coast (TVET) College management says 1,769 students still have details outstanding before they can be approved for allowances

By Peter Luhanga - 10 March 2020
Photo of a man

Prison officials explain Ramaphosa’s decision to reduce sentences

Officials ask Dunoon residents to accept ex-convicts back into society, as nearly 900 released from Pollsmoor

By Peter Luhanga - 17 February 2020
Photo of protesters

Parents try to shut down school with bullying problem

Education department has referred complaints to circuit manager

By Peter Luhanga - 5 February 2020
Photo of rubbish blocking road

Frustrated Dunoon residents block road with rubbish they’ve picked up

Blocked drains and illegal dumping plague area

By Peter Luhanga - 30 January 2020