Elandskop households demand end to daily power outages

Residents say they are without electricity between 5pm and 9am daily


Brief | 6 December 2021

ANC members protest against Pietermaritzburg ward councillor

“We don’t want a ward councillor who doesn’t listen to the people”


Brief | 8 November 2021

Social grant beneficiaries return home empty-handed

Long queues, paid placeholders, offline systems and load-shedding leave social grant beneficiaries empty-handed


News | 15 October 2021

ANC members protest over councillor candidate list

Residents of Willowfontein in Pietermaritzburg want the municipal election list changed to include their choice


News | 31 August 2021

Teachers demand KZN education department pay them, fill vacant posts

SADTU: “As we speak more than 1,203 substitute teachers have either not been paid or told not to come back to school”


Brief | 18 August 2021

Rural families battle to get water although they live near a dam

“How unfair is that? It’s a joke,” says resident


News | 6 August 2021

KZN family says police assaulted them and took goods that were not looted

Two family members and the pet dog shot with rubber bullets


News | 4 August 2021

Children go hungry after soup kitchen closed by July unrest

About 100 children were getting their Sunday meal at a kitchen run by people with disabilities


News | 2 August 2021

Justice delayed is justice denied: Court frees man convicted of rape after it took seven years to prosecute him

Magistrate and prosecutor “deserve censure of the strongest kind” rule two KZN judges


Law | 28 June 2021

Court orders Zulu King’s trust to pay back millions

Ingonyama land leases stripped people living on ancestral land of their customary rights


Law | 11 June 2021

Parents shut down schools and clinic in Pietermaritzburg

They are demanding that a principal be fired


Brief | 3 June 2021

Conditions are dreadful at Pietermaritzburg morgue

Unclaimed bodies decaying, a terrible stench, no hot water, equipment and vehicles broken


Brief | 31 May 2021

Imbali brought to standstill by fury over electricity cut

Eskom says it isn’t safe for its teams to complete their work


Brief | 14 May 2021

Graves “desecrated” for land occupation in Pietermaritzburg

“We grew up knowing that we must respect the dead. What is happening here is heartless” says widower


News | 13 May 2021

Equal Education demands release of KZN learner transport policy

“It’s difficult to concentrate in class after a long walk” says learner


Brief | 23 April 2021

Students unable to pay rent sleep outside college gates

“Getting education in this country is still a challenge and it won’t be better anytime soon”


Brief | 14 April 2021