Photo of a street strewn with rocks

Councillor must fall, say Soweto White City residents

Councillor Ntombizodwa Nxumalo says protests are politically motivated

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 28 February 2020
Photo of protesters

Addo shut down by protests

Residents of one of the area’s oldest informal settlements want houses, electricity, tap water, toilets and passable roads

By Joseph Chirume - 28 February 2020
Photo of fishers

Centuries old fishing method survives in False Bay

In the 1970s there were dozens of trek fishing crews. Today, there are only four left.

By Ellen Elmendorp - 28 February 2020
Photo of car broken through house wall

Families demand speed bumps after car crashes into house

Pietermaritzburg road has been the scene of many accidents

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 28 February 2020
Photo of a school building

Seven years after renovations started, school still incomplete

“Usually when it rains I have to stand for the rest of the period because my spot leaks” says learner

By Bernard Chiguvare - 28 February 2020
Photo of two children with buckets

Taps ran dry over a decade ago in North West Village

Villagers have depended on buying water from private tankers and people with wells

By Mosima Rafapa - 28 February 2020
Photo of Fikile Mbalula

Metrorail comes to grinding halt because of unpaid electricity bill

PRASA owed ESKOM R4 million and was 34 days overdue

By Ashraf Hendricks - 28 February 2020
Photo of fire

Tragic landfill conflict fouls Cape Town’s air

Security guard murdered, dumpsite set on fire

By Steve Kretzmann - 27 February 2020
Photo of two people hugging

Charges against Women on Farms director withdrawn

Colette Solomon was arrested during an anti-eviction protest

By Barbara Maregele - 27 February 2020
Photo of Victor Senna

Police watchdog commits to major policy change

IPID will prioritise investigating the most serious allegations against officers

By Daneel Knoetze - 27 February 2020
Photo of a man at a standpipe

“Sisi, what’s the use of voting?” asks Pietermaritzburg resident

Impassable roads, no tap water, no clinic, no community hall and their municipality placed under administration for irregular expenditure

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 27 February 2020
Photo of women on a dump site

Women make a living picking through scrap metal

“It’s amazing what valuable pieces one can find … Maybe one day l will even find gold”

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 27 February 2020
Photo of protesters

Budget Day marked by protests and marches

Issues included unemployment, climate change and gender rights

By Ashraf Hendricks, Tariro Washinyira and Vincent Lali - 26 February 2020
Photo of burning carriages

PRASA fails to provide security plan to court

It was due in December

By Liezl Human - 26 February 2020
Photo of Aaron Motsoaledi

Concourt brings relief to children of foreign parents

If you were born in South Africa to non-citizens you can apply to be a citizen

By Tania Broughton - 26 February 2020
Photo of a crowded hall

Real Jobs Summit proposes ways to tackle unemployment

Cry of the Xcluded campaigners will march to Parliament to mark Budget Day

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 26 February 2020