Photo of fruit sellers at a taxi rank

Street vendors accuse Buffalo City of empty promises

“There is no support offered to us, although formal businesses get so much attention from the metro.”

By Chris Gilili - 4 October 2018
Photo of a street with shacks

Overflowing sewage, no electricity, one tap and two toilets for over 300 residents

Residents of Duncan Village blame councillor

By Chris Gilili - 3 October 2018
Photo of block of flats

When government is a slumlord: Pefferville’s ghastly blocks of flats

“When it’s time to vote they will come here in numbers, yet we do not get any services from them”

By Chris Gilili - 19 September 2018
Photo of girls and women marching

Young women must come out and shame their abusers, say activists

March against violence in Duncan Village

By Chris Gilili - 12 September 2018
Photo of taxi rank

Hitchhikers targeted by East London taxi drivers

Hitchhiking is killing our business, say taxi operators

By Chris Gilili - 6 September 2018
Photo of a woman washing a blanket

No money for C-section in East London

Two toilets for 200 people in Duncan Village, and the municipality “doesn’t have any funds” to fix or instal more

By Chris Gilili - 30 August 2018
Photo of an informal settlement

East London residents demand illegal electricity connections be restored

Harry Gwala shack dwellers have been waiting for ten years to be formally electrified

By Chris Gilili - 13 August 2018
Photo of firefighters and burnt shacks

Fire leaves scores homeless in East London

Victims of the fire were waiting to be moved to formal housing

By Chris Gilili - 9 August 2018
Photo of a man

87-year-old man walks three kilometres to fetch water

Smiling Valley has waited for basic services since 1992

By Chris Gilili - 6 August 2018
Photo of learner with Afro outside his school's gate.

Grade 8 learner sent home for having Afro hair

We are not here for fashion parades, says principal

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 2 August 2018
Photo of rubbish

Rubbish piles up in East London

Duncan village may have to wait until next year for illegal dump sites to be cleared

By Chris Gilili - 30 July 2018
Photo of three people sitting on a bed in a shack

“I am a mother to myself, my siblings and also to our father”

Minor children care for their paralysed father in one-room shack

By Chris Gilili - 26 July 2018
Photo of a woman and two children

East London’s hostels left to crumble

“It’s been years really since we fixed them, but it will happen soon,” says councillor

By Chris Gilili - 26 July 2018
Photo of two people in a shack

Family of ten live with TB in one shack

“All I need is a healthy place where I can live with my children”

By Chris Gilili - 25 July 2018
Photo of a drain

“We can never vote while breathing human waste every day”

Sewer overflowing since last year say East London residents

By Chris Gilili - 23 July 2018
Photo of a building

Exams postponed at Fort Hare

Students refuse to write during strike by university workers

By Chris Gilili - 17 July 2018