Articles by Liezl Human

“We lived better on the farms” says evictee

Families tell of hardship since being relocated from a farm to an informal settlement in Wellington

By Liezl Human - 10 July 2020

Zackie Achmat calls for activism against Covid-19

Veteran activist receives award for AIDS work

By Liezl Human - 3 July 2020

How we count our dead during Covid-19

From 6 May to 23 June, at least 4,000 South Africans died because of the pandemic

By Liezl Human and Nathan Geffen - 2 July 2020

Lockdown has worsened pressure on foster care system, says Social Development

About 129,136 foster care orders will expire on 26 November 2020

By Liezl Human - 30 June 2020

Civil society steps in to monitor complaints against the police and army

Earlier lockdown restrictions prevented many people from reporting abuses, says activist

By Liezl Human - 15 June 2020

Private hospital sends Covid-19 patient to stretched Groote Schuur

Life Vincent Pallotti defends its decision

By Tariro Washinyira and Liezl Human - 1 June 2020

Health department boss calls for investigation into Glenda Gray

But leading scientist comes out in defence of MRC president

By Liezl Human and Nathan Geffen - 22 May 2020

Dunoon leaders say they were not consulted on de-densification plans

Provincial government says stakeholder engagement will take place on Thursday

By Liezl Human - 21 May 2020

Doubts over Compensation Fund’s ability to pay out for Covid-19 claims

However, the Fund’s glitchy computer system is at last showing some improvement

By Liezl Human - 18 May 2020
Photo of Gene Xpert

Huge delays in Covid-19 test results

Doctors express concern that results are so late they are not clinically useful

By Liezl Human and GroundUp Staff - 8 May 2020
Photo of a school

Covid-19: Teachers alarmed over schools reopening

Social distancing is a precondition for the reopening of schools, says union

By Liezl Human - 6 May 2020
Photo of people in a hall

Fruit packhouse continues operations after Covid-19 scare

Department of Health acted swiftly in screening and testing at fruit packhouse

By Liezl Human - 24 April 2020
Photo of Groote Schuur

How the Western Cape is responding to Covid-19

We had an advantage over countries in the North “because we had the opportunity to observe them, the trajectory of their epidemic, their mistakes”

By Liezl Human - 16 April 2020
Photo of Nduli residents sitting in the hall

Covid-19: Safety ramped up at Ceres fruit packhouse as employee tests positive

Rush to screen workers from Nduli in Ceres where first case was logged this week

By Liezl Human - 16 April 2020
Photo of a woman

Family facing eviction rejects municipality’s Wendy house

Court document shows that house was supposed to be “a standard two bedroom brick and mortar structure with indoor sanitation facilities”

By Liezl Human - 6 April 2020
Photo of workers on a farm

Covid-19: Are agricultural workers being protected?

Labour Department warns companies to comply or face closure

By Liezl Human - 1 April 2020