The Role of White Youth in South Africa’s Struggle Movements

This is a speech given by Doron Isaacs, director of Equal Education, at an Ndifuna Ukwazi seminar on 16 June.

Doron Isaacs - 20 June 2012

Brother, I do not want to bury you. Get treated.

Leo Mbobi tells of his struggle to get his ill brother treated for HIV.

Leo Mbobi - 20 June 2012

Documentary shows Sonke’s struggle

Marcus Low reviews a new documentary about the work of Sonke Gender Justice, You Can't Just Fold Your Arms.

Marcus Low - 20 June 2012

Witnessing the difference between a South African and US school

The right to education will not be realised as long as there is such massive inequality between schools across the world.

Morgan Dzakowic - 20 June 2012

Medicine and vaccine shortages across country

There have been many media reports of shortages of medicines to treat AIDS over the last few weeks. But the medicine shortages go beyond antiretrovirals and there are even shortages of vaccines.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 20 June 2012

HIV activists run Comrades Marathon

A group of activists from the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) ran the Comrades Marathon on Sunday 4 June.

Veronica Washaya and Janine Fortuin - 12 June 2012

COSATU, Zille, Apartheid and the Youth Wage Subsidy

COSATU is facing an unprecedented onslaught. Is the federation, as Helen Zille claims, ‘the main roadblock in the road to job creation and redress’? And would ‘lowering the cost of employment’ be the ‘biggest single step towards solving the unemployment problem’?

Ilan Strauss and Doron Isaacs - 12 June 2012

Of nationalisation, land grabs and vanguards

Over this past week, the National Union of Metalworkers congress has again put both nationalisation and the Freedom Charter firmly onto the political agenda.

Terry Bell - 8 June 2012

Training for health workers about sex workers

Desmond Tutu HIV Centre ran a workshop on sex workers for health-care workers on Wednesday at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Nokubonga Yawa - 7 June 2012

Public meeting on gangsterism in schools

The spotlight was on gangsterism in the Western Cape again on Tuesday when community safety MEC Dan Plato and conflict resolution practitioner Irvin Kinnes held a public dialogue on the issue.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 7 June 2012

Bomb scares disrupt Metro commuter lines

Western Cape Northern Line Metro Rail commuters found themselves in a transport commotion last week. Police were alerted on Thursday morning shortly before 7am of a possible bomb between Parow and Tygerberg Stations.

Tariro Washinyira - 5 June 2012

The spearing of labour history

Many matters of national and regional importance have been neglected in the past two weeks, submerged beneath the fuss and furore caused by the charade surrounding the satirical Spear painting.

Terry Bell - 4 June 2012

Passengers in long queues after closure of Lansdowne Road

People protesting over the lack of access to electricity put rocks across Lansdowne Road today, cutting the road off to traffic. This resulted in long queues at bus stations.

- 4 June 2012

Open stage at Zula Sound Bar, Long street.

Patrons showed their talents at the Zula Sound Bar in Long Street on Wednesday evening.

Nokubonga Yawa - 4 June 2012

Man on hunger strike in protest against vigilante killings

Nkwame Cedile, a Western Cape organiser for the Right2Know campaign, is fasting for nine days in protest against vigilante killings in Khayelitsha. He is calling his campaign 8+1.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 31 May 2012

Angry Delft residents march for houses

Delft residents from the TRA section located next to the graveyard took to the streets in an angry protest demanding houses. The police escorted the protestors away from the highway, which they were blocking.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 31 May 2012