Articles by Vincent Lali

Photo of man showing bed with occupation in background

City accused of destroying occupied shacks in Khayelitsha

Authorities say shacks were unoccupied but residents say otherwise

By Vincent Lali - 15 January 2019
Women standing in front of destroyed shack

City puts an end to land occupation in Mfuleni

Desperate and unemployed mother says she has “nowhere else to go”

By Vincent Lali - 9 January 2019
Photo of principals

Mfuleni leaders detain principals in spat with education department

Officials stand firm that staffing at schools is decided by education department, not communities

By Vincent Lali - 9 January 2019
Photo of fire among shacks

Shack dwellers lose their Christmas savings in Khayelitsha fire

Cash, documents, clothes and furniture destroyed and over 100 people left homeless

By Vincent Lali - 11 December 2018
Photo of burnt shacks

Fire leaves over 160 homeless in Khayelitsha

“I’m grateful to be alive” says survivor

By Vincent Lali - 29 November 2018
Photo of people marking out plots

Khayelitsha shack dwellers move onto vacant land to keep out “thugs”

Residents say fires which destroyed their homes started on the vacant land

By Vincent Lali - 22 November 2018
Photo of woman raking stagnant water

10 taps for 1,000 families in Wallacedene

Broken drains, blocked toilets, filthy water in the streets

By Vincent Lali - 20 November 2018
Photo of people standing on steps

Workers march to Cape Town Civic demanding permanent employment

“We want the City to hire workers permanently and stop using labour brokers”

By Vincent Lali - 19 November 2018
Photo of protesters

Firefighters protest in Cape Town

“We seek nothing other than getting paid for the hours we work,” says union leader

By Vincent Lali - 26 October 2018
Photo of a person and shack building materials

Khayelitsha fire victims battle to put their lives together again

Baby born in church hall

By Vincent Lali - 25 October 2018
Photo of a man at a desk

Fear in Bloekombos after ward councillor slain

“I am now scared of being killed because I walk and drive around the township alone,” says Wallacedene councillor

By Vincent Lali - 23 October 2018
Photo of Khayelitsha fire

Heartbreaking stories after massive Khayelitsha blaze

Hundreds of shacks destroyed and one person killed

By Vincent Lali and GroundUp Staff - 21 October 2018
Photo of a woman and a demolished shack

After mass demolitions land occupiers return to Wallacedene

Family that was lawfully living on the land, but pushed out by occupiers, now lives in an Open Kadett.

By Vincent Lali - 11 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Thousands of people need toilets, taps and electricity in Khayelitsha

New Monwabisi Park shack dwellers march for basic services

By Vincent Lali - 10 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Wallacedene shack dwellers close down housing project

City of Cape Town says project should not target one specific community only

By Vincent Lali - 9 October 2018
Photo of protesters

Community health workers demand higher wages

Workers have accused the provincial health department of not upholding a 2017 agreement to standardise stipends

By Vincent Lali - 5 October 2018