Articles by Vincent Lali

Photo of a toilet

“My house smells like a toilet”

City of Cape Town’s janitorial programme has left Siyahlala and other informal settlements unserviced for over a year

By Vincent Lali - 24 September 2018
Photo of an informal settlement

110 families in Mfuleni have no taps, toilets, electricity or even rubbish bin bags

“Government never told us where we should live after we had to move out”

By Vincent Lali - 18 September 2018
Photo of protesters

Residents of informal settlement in Philippi demand electrification

City of Cape Town says permission must be obtained from PRASA, which owns the land the settlement is on

By Vincent Lali - 17 September 2018
Photo of woman leaning on fence

Zwelitsha shack-dwellers are building their own toilets and roads

Settlement not a priority, says City of Cape Town

By Vincent Lali - 14 September 2018
Photo of protesters

End corruption and nepotism in land redistribution, protesters tell government

“If we don’t get the land back, we won’t allow the general elections to happen”

By Vincent Lali - 12 September 2018
Photo of protesters

Protesters demand South Africa intervene in upcoming DRC elections

Congolese demonstrators oppose electronic voting machines

By Vincent Lali - 10 September 2018
Photo of protesters

Langa and Nyanga residents call for City official to step down

“If there is corruption, experts will investigate and the law will take its course,” says Mayco councillor

By Vincent Lali - 27 August 2018
Photo of protesters

Our businesses are collapsing because of criminals, say traders

Informal traders march to Parow police station

By Vincent Lali - 24 August 2018
Photo of a family in a shack

SASSA ignores fire victims for six months

Despite being notified of the disaster SASSA has done nothing for the 12 families in Wallacedene who lost everything in a fire

By Vincent Lali - 21 August 2018
Photo of teachers gathering.

Teachers demand safer schools in Khayelitsha

Protesters vowed to shut down schools if premier does not meet their demands

By Vincent Lali - 20 August 2018
Photo of a woman with fire debris and shacks being built

Land occupiers raise funds for fire victim, water installations, gravel roads

City of Cape Town criticises illegal water connections at Khayelitsha land occupation

By Vincent Lali - 20 August 2018
Photo of shacks and filthy water

Shack dwellers too scared to shit

Access to safe toilets is a daily struggle for Island informal settlement residents

By Vincent Lali - 17 August 2018
Photo of Old Mutual property in Khayelitsha

Stand off between Old Mutual and Khayelitsha occupiers

Residents were removed but returned almost immediately

By Vincent Lali - 13 August 2018

Two toilets for dozens of residents in Khayelitsha

City says shacks in Enkanini will need to be relocated to make space for more toilets

By Vincent Lali - 3 August 2018
Photo of a man

Guard murdered for protecting RDP houses from thieves

Tshutsha Daniso was shot dead trying to prevent buildings in Mfuleni from being stripped while they are being built

By Vincent Lali - 31 July 2018
Photo of a woman sitting on a couch on open land

I was naked when officials burst into my shack

City of Cape Town demolishes shacks in Nkandla

By Vincent Lali - 23 July 2018