Articles by Vincent Lali

Photo of protesters

Frustrated by lack of services, shack dwellers block Baden Powell Drive

“The City will never help us until we protest.”

By Vincent Lali - 18 March 2019
Photo of protesters

Cape Town shack dwellers march for RDP houses

“As long as each family has a tap, a toilet, and a box of electricity, we will be happy.”

By Vincent Lali - 15 March 2019
Photo of a toilet

Janitors face losing battle in Khayelitsha as taps fail

City investigating low water pressure problem

By Vincent Lali - 12 March 2019
Photo of protesters

Women farm workers demand end to labour abuses

Lack of enforcement of the law has lead to widespread violation of the rights of women farm workers, says NGO

By Vincent Lali - 11 March 2019
Photo of protesters

“We won’t vote” say Khayelitsha shack dwellers

“Because I have no land or house, I feel as if I’m a foreigner.”

By Vincent Lali - 7 March 2019
Photo of burnt shacks

Green Point fire could have been contained say residents

A lack of water and access roads hindered efforts to douse shack fire in Khayelitsha

By Vincent Lali - 4 March 2019
Photo of a house with bare walls

Six years and government house still not finished

Thembeka Mpete has been waiting since 2013 for a contractor to finish building her home

By Vincent Lali - 28 February 2019
Photo of protesters

Khayelitsha residents protest against sky high water bills

Community demands City explain policy

By Vincent Lali - 22 February 2019
Photo of a woman with children

Toilets overflow and taps run dry in Enkanini

Residents vow to continue protesting until the problem is fixed

By Vincent Lali - 21 February 2019
Photo of people in the street at night

Marchers call for better street lighting

“I have been staying in this darkness for about 25 years”

By Vincent Lali - 20 February 2019

Farm workers march to stop evictions

“We farm workers want to use the agricultural land to provide for our families”

By Vincent Lali - 11 February 2019
Photo of many school learners

Mfuleni schools shut down as unplaced learners protest

Education department says enrolments in Western Cape have increased by more than 18,000

By Vincent Lali, Masixole Feni and GroundUp Staff - 4 February 2019
Photo of queues

“I’ve never voted before and I don’t intend to do so now”

Voter registration weekend in Mfuleni

By Vincent Lali - 28 January 2019
Photo of woman pouring from a bucket

Living between the railway lines in Philippi

Backyarders move onto PRASA property in search of a little more space

By Vincent Lali - 23 January 2019
Photo of woman handing out sanitary pads to girls

Mfuleni learners need food, shoes and sanitary pads

Businesswoman donates goods to children who are studying in a disused clinic

By Vincent Lali - 21 January 2019
Photo of man showing bed with occupation in background

City accused of destroying occupied shacks in Khayelitsha

Authorities say shacks were unoccupied but residents say otherwise

By Vincent Lali - 15 January 2019