Articles by Vincent Lali

Photo of women marching

“God take their penises away”

Kraaifontein women march in protest against violence against women

By Vincent Lali - 16 September 2019
Photo of law enforcement official

Cape Town cops assault land occupier

City says it will investigate

By Vincent Lali - 4 September 2019
Photo of torched flat

Langa councillor’s home petrol-bombed

Police are investigating cases of arson, attempted murder and public violence

By Vincent Lali - 2 September 2019
Photo of rebuilt shacks

Khayelitsha land occupiers to square off with City in court

The group occupying land in Makhaza plan to oppose their eviction in court on 9 September

By Vincent Lali - 30 August 2019
Photo of families moving into state owned farm

Evicted Klein Akker families move to state-owned farm in Stellenbosch

“We had a proper wash with privacy for the first time since we were evicted” says farm resident

By Vincent Lali - 28 August 2019
Photo of protesters

Langa residents demand removal of ward councillor

Dozens protest outside municipal offices over blocked drains and toilets, lack of garbage removal and broken street lights

By Vincent Lali - 27 August 2019
Photo of a toilet

Toilets unserviced for months in Khayelitsha

We breath unbearable stench from the dirty loos, says resident

By Vincent Lali - 27 August 2019
Photo of shacks

Court orders hundreds of Kraaifontein farm dwellers to be relocated to Philippi

“The judgment doesn’t understand the reality confronting the people of Klein Akker Farm” says community leader

By Vincent Lali - 23 August 2019
Photo of people by a roadside

Hundreds stranded by roadside after massive farm eviction in Kraaifontein

Evictees say all their possessions were seized

By Vincent Lali - 21 August 2019
Photo of shacks being dismantled

New land occupiers say they are flood victims

People relocating to Mpukwini from Island informal settlement had their shacks demolished on the weekend

By Vincent Lali - 19 August 2019
Photo of three people

Eyewitnesses describe police beating a man who had a mental disability

IPID appears not to have interviewed key witnesses

By Vincent Lali - 13 August 2019
Photo of water being pumped from flooded shacks

Shack dwellers raise their own funds for flood relief

“City doesn’t send officials to help residents whose shacks are flooded, so we made a decision to help ourselves,” says Marikana resident

By Vincent Lali - 8 August 2019
Photo of man building shack

Short of money and desperate, Khayelitsha residents start land occupation

“Sometimes we sleep on empty stomachs because we have no food”

By Vincent Lali - 24 July 2019
Photo of school learners

Parents lock principal up in primary school

“We want each classroom to have 30 kids like in white schools” says community leader

By Vincent Lali - 11 July 2019
Photo of a panel of people

Minister hears allegations against police after 11 murdered on weekend

Residents claim police are under resourced, corrupt, in cahoots with criminals, and that the station commander hasn’t been seen since 2018.

By Vincent Lali - 9 July 2019
Photo of an incomplete house

Woman has waited seven years in cold, leaking shack for builders to finish her RDP house

People’s Housing Process contractor went into liquidation, says City

By Vincent Lali - 3 July 2019