Province and City to appeal Tafelberg judgment

Cape Town housing activists decry government decision

By James Stent - 22 September 2020
Image of a model building

Cape Town’s battle for spatial justice

There is a disconnect between what the City says and what it does when it comes to housing, development, and urban planning.

By Steve Kretzmann - 31 October 2019
Photo of a model building

City approves R14-billion Foreshore development despite objections

Housing activists disappointed by lack of affordable housing in proposal

By Aisha Abdool Karim - 25 October 2019
Photo of a building

Social housing gets green light at Salt River Market

Activists say they will only celebrate when they see ground broken

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 14 August 2019
Photo of protesters

Woodstock Hospital occupiers protest in Civic Centre

City of Cape Town considering buying occupied Woodstock Hospital from Province, says mayor

By Tariro Washinyira - 7 August 2019
Photo of a woman in a shack

Shack dwellers in King William’s Town won’t relocate for electrification

Upgrade to Kanana Village means a hundred residents need to demolish their shacks

By Lisekho Madikane - 12 March 2019
Graphic of Conradie Hospital development

Residents oppose Conradie Hospital housing plan

The site, which has stood empty for 16 years, is a battleground over the future of state subsidised housing in Cape Town

By Kelly Vinett - 22 November 2018
Photo of DA leaders

Madikizela blames Salt River social housing delay on Herron

Housing activists protest outside DA press conference

By Kelly Vinett - 8 November 2018
Photo of Salt River Market

Why did the City of Cape Town delay social housing in Salt River?

Brett Herron and DA councillors trade accusations

By Kelly Vinett - 7 November 2018
Photo of demonstration for affordable housing

Can subsidised rentals help solve the housing crisis?

It’s an idea whose time has come but it is not a cure-all

By GroundUp Editors - 27 June 2018
Photo of tents outside Steenvilla

Families living in tents outside complex they were evicted from

But some tenants of Steenvilla are angry with rent-defaulters and want them gone

By Thembela Ntongana - 19 June 2018
Photo of mother and child at eviction

Dozens of families evicted at Cape Town’s largest social housing project

Previous attempt to remove Steenvilla households who are behind on their rent failed

By Tariro Washinyira and Annie Cebulski - 6 June 2018

Crime mars Cape Town’s largest social housing project

Tension between residents paying rent and those who are not

By Ashraf Hendricks - 20 February 2018
Photo of burning barricades at Steenvilla

What happens when people in state housing cannot pay the rent?

A look at what happened at Steenvilla, Cape Town’s largest social housing complex

By Shaun Swingler and Maxwell Roeland - 5 December 2017
Photo of Red Ants removing furniture

Families evicted at Cape Town’s biggest social housing complex

Tenants cried as their furniture was moved onto lawns outside Steenvilla

By Ashraf Hendricks - 23 November 2017
Photo of Steenvilla

Rent instead of owning: Is it a better model for low-income housing?

We explain an important part of the government housing programme

By Maxwell Roeland - 22 November 2017