Articles by Maxwell Roeland

Photo of water management device

Water curbs: a tale of rich and poor

Most water management devices installed in poor areas

By Maxwell Roeland - 7 March 2018
Photo of burning barricades at Steenvilla

What happens when people in state housing cannot pay the rent?

A look at what happened at Steenvilla, Cape Town’s largest social housing complex

By Shaun Swingler and Maxwell Roeland - 5 December 2017
Photo of Observatory meeting

Property developers booted off Obz Civic Association

“The attempted ‘hijacking’ of the civic body has actually energised the community in a way that we haven’t seen for years.”

By Maxwell Roeland - 29 November 2017
Photo of a street

Developers accused of hijacking Obz civic association

Legal action threatened following attempt to hold new elections

By Maxwell Roeland - 28 November 2017
Photo of protest outside Parliament

How much did CPS make from social grants?

Panel of Experts questions Cash Paymaster Services profit submission to Constitutional Court

By Maxwell Roeland - 27 November 2017
Photo of Steenvilla

Rent instead of owning: Is it a better model for low-income housing?

We explain an important part of the government housing programme

By Maxwell Roeland - 22 November 2017
Photo of a homeless man sleeping

City of Cape Town to provide eight new spaces for homeless people

Councillor admits current law enforcement approach a “lost cause” that’s “foolish” to continue

By Maxwell Roeland - 15 September 2017
Photo of a woman and child

Two years on, how is Wolwerivier doing?

Residents describe problems, but also some improvements

By Maxwell Roeland - 7 September 2017
Photo of Cassiem Johnson

Epileptic, asthmatic and on the streets

All Cassiem Johnson wants is a house

By Maxwell Roeland - 21 August 2017