Site B is a property on Cape Town's Foreshore that was sold in 2016 by the City to property developer Growthpoint. The sale was controversial because of the low price the company paid for it.
Photo of protest

Cape Town municipality knew Site B could be sold for more but chose to sell quickly instead

Forensic investigation clears City of wrongdoing but nevertheless raises troubling questions

By Tessa Knight - 16 August 2019
Photo of Growthpoint executives

GROUNDVIEW: Cape Town property deal needs independent investigation

Growthpoint’s explanation for Foreshore property sale is unconvincing, but the City has the hardest questions to answer

By GroundUp Editors - 11 July 2019
Photo of people outside court

Growthpoint loses court case against Reclaim the City

Judge refuses application for final interdict against occupation of controversial land

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 28 June 2019
Photo fo city council meeting

Housing activists interrupt council meeting

Protesters demand outcome of investigation into sale of prime City-owned land to GrowthPoint

By Katherine Liu - 30 May 2019
Photo of protesters

Activists battle property company over right to protest

Reclaim the City opposes interdict granted to Growthpoint Properties

By Tariro Washinyira - 5 March 2019
Photo of protesters

Housing activists remove their shacks from inner city prime land

Court order brings housing protest in Cape Town CBD to an abrupt end on Tuesday night

By Daneel Knoetze - 5 December 2018
About 100 Reclaim the City supporters and members protest on a piece of land labeled "SiteB" in the Foreshore.

Housing activists build shacks on prime inner-city land

“We are serious about decent and well-located affordable housing,” say protesters

By Aidan Jones - 4 December 2018
Photo of protesters

City lost R140 million it could have spent on poor people, say protesters

Housing activists protest at offices of Growthpoint Properties in Cape Town

By Sophia Wilhelm - 4 October 2018

De Lille requests investigation into Foreshore property sale

Site appears to have been sold by the City of Cape Town for much less than it was worth

By GroundUp Staff - 30 September 2018
Google Streetview image of Foreshore

City of Cape Town fails to explain R140m property sale bungle

But there is a solution that can benefit the city’s residents

By Daneel Knoetze - 20 September 2018
Google satellite image of Foreshore

Did Cape Town lose millions on Foreshore land sale?

City appears to have sold property to Growthpoint for R1,880 instead of R5,000 per square metre of possible floor space

By Daneel Knoetze - 13 September 2018