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IPID a no-show in Petrus Miggels police assault probe

Investigator has still not returned to the scene of the assault or interviewed key witnesses, according to Miggels’ family

By Daneel Knoetze - 10 June 2020

NPA and IPID commit to tackling high-level police corruption

This comes after two investigators were pulled from task team

By Daneel Knoetze - 29 May 2020

Police watchdog pulls investigators from state capture probe

IPID recalls two members of team investigating former police commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane

By Daneel Knoetze - 28 May 2020

Police watchdog promises to improve, but controversial targets remain

Funding shortfalls call into question IPID’s ability to fulfil its mandate

By Daneel Knoetze - 14 May 2020
Photo of a police vehicle

Woman alleges cigarette corruption by Grassy Park police

Vanessa Adriaanse claims police unlawfully entered her home and arrested her

By Daneel Knoetze - 12 May 2020
Photo of two people

IPID reopens Miggels case as police brutality complaints spike during lockdown

“Even though we know that nothing will bring him back, this is still welcome news” says step-daughter

By Daneel Knoetze - 8 May 2020
Photo of Collins Khosa

Covid-19: Slain Alex man’s case highlights failures of police and army watchdogs

Many allegations that accountability has got worse during lockdown

By Daneel Knoetze - 6 May 2020
Photo of four people in teleconference

Details of two additional alleged lockdown killings by police revealed

Police were accused of killing five people during the enforcement of the first three weeks of Covid-19 lockdown

By Daneel Knoetze - 30 April 2020
Photo of funeral

Covid-19: Police watchdog investigation of first lockdown death reveals deep flaws

“How can they say that he just dropped dead?” asks his stepdaughter after witnesses describe how Petrus Miggels was beaten by police

By Daneel Knoetze - 29 April 2020
Photo of a police van

Covid-19: Lockdown creates ripe pickings for corrupt police

Revealed: A staggering range of police corruption

By Daneel Knoetze - 15 April 2020
Photo of a dog having surgery

Two dogs shot in Khayelitsha lockdown recovering

“We were completely shocked. We confronted the officer and asked him why he shot the dogs like that”

By Daneel Knoetze - 8 April 2020
Photo of a police cao

IPID records six alleged killings by police in first week of lockdown

IPID is also investigating 13 complaints related to shootings and 14 assault cases

By Daneel Knoetze - 3 April 2020
Photo of police

Police kill three people in three days of lockdown. This is normal for South Africa

Lockdown exposes police brutality that has always been widespread and routine

By Daneel Knoetze - 1 April 2020
Photo of a man

IPID suspensions aim to thwart police corruption investigations, say former officials

IPID’s new head has suspended a number of officials, including national head of investigations Matthews Sesoko

By Daneel Knoetze - 11 March 2020
Photo of Victor Senna

Police watchdog commits to major policy change

IPID will prioritise investigating the most serious allegations against officers

By Daneel Knoetze - 27 February 2020
Photo of Andries Tatane

IPID should focus on worst criminal cops, says expert report

By its own admission, the police watchdog does not have the resources to properly investigate all the cases in its workload

By Daneel Knoetze - 25 February 2020