Articles by Aidan Jones

Photo of woman protesting for higher wages

Low wages will not solve South Africa’s unemployment problem, argues economist

Growth in manufacturing is essential but not at the expense of workers

By Aidan Jones - 18 February 2019
Graph of unemployment

Unemployment rate keeps climbing

Quarterly survey says 27.1% of the labour force is out of work. A year ago it was 26.7%

By Aidan Jones - 12 February 2019
Photo of protestors

Unemployment: our biggest problem

We are taking an in-depth look at the issue South Africans are most concerned about

By Aidan Jones - 12 February 2019
Photo of voting station

Voter registration rate down from 2014

Electoral Commission encourages young voters to make use of “short window of opportunity”

By Aidan Jones - 29 January 2019
Photo of Woodstock Hospital

City counts number of occupiers in Woodstock Hospital

Residents welcome “first direct interaction” with City

By Aidan Jones - 23 January 2019
Photo of Austin Ockhuys

“They thought I’d be a dropout but I proved them wrong”

Path out of Poverty graduate wants to be a teacher

By Aidan Jones - 18 January 2019
Photo of Salt River Market

City gives green light to Salt River social housing project

Development would set a precedent for social housing near Cape Town’s city centre

By Aidan Jones - 14 December 2018
Photo of train with doors open

PRASA ordered to cough up after commuter pushed out of train

Masibulele Rautini would not have been injured “had PRASA ensured the doors were kept closed”

By Aidan Jones - 7 December 2018
About 100 Reclaim the City supporters and members protest on a piece of land labeled "SiteB" in the Foreshore.

Housing activists build shacks on prime inner-city land

“We are serious about decent and well-located affordable housing,” say protesters

By Aidan Jones - 4 December 2018
Photo of Bo Kaap

Bo-Kaap Youth Movement calls for “peaceful and positive” solution to development impasse

Leadership denies receiving any financial compensation from property developers

By Aidan Jones - 30 November 2018
Bo-kaap residents blocked a crane from entering during a protest against gentrification.

Bo-Kaap protesters in stand-off with crane

Four people arrested in clashes with police over new development

By Aidan Jones and Ashraf Hendricks - 20 November 2018
Photo of Metrorail train

Billions spent on railway contracts. Yet Metrorail collapses

Roy Moodley, who is implicated in a leaked forensic report, says that criminal charges have been laid against GroundUp reporters

By Aidan Jones and Nathan Geffen - 16 November 2018
Photo of queue

MPs relieved after SASSA briefing on social grant payments

But Black Sash says important issues were not addressed

By Aidan Jones - 8 November 2018
Photo of burning train

New leaked reports show why train security has collapsed

Roy Moodley implicated in deals worth over R300 million

By Aidan Jones - 30 October 2018
Aerial view of land

Cape Town City Council delays decision on social housing project

“The decision today is unjustifiable. Council is a total and utter shambles,” says housing activist

By Aidan Jones - 25 October 2018
Photo of train

VBS scandal: PRASA employee hailed for her role in saving R1 billion

Yvonne Page’s principled refusal to bend the rules saved PRASA from making a very bad investment, says Motau report

By Aidan Jones - 11 October 2018