Articles by Tessa Knight

Photo of front of Western Cape High Court

A delayed court ruling is blocking a man’s right to justice

Judge Siraj Desai still to provide written reasons for a case filed in March 2016, despite multiple requests

By Tessa Knight - 11 September 2019
Photo of fire

How do we reduce shack fires?

City’s poorest residents use both insurance and technology to fight fires

By Tessa Knight and Candy Chan - 10 September 2019
Photo of front of Western Cape High Court

Backlog at Western Cape High Court has improved

Late judgments down from 13 in February to four in August

By Tessa Knight - 29 August 2019
Photo of a woman

Is Melissa Whitehead a principled civil servant or a “cowboy”?

Her supporters say she was too progressive for Cape Town’s municipality. Her detractors accuse her of playing victim.

By Tessa Knight - 26 August 2019
Photo of protest

Cape Town municipality knew Site B could be sold for more but chose to sell quickly instead

Forensic investigation clears City of wrongdoing but nevertheless raises troubling questions

By Tessa Knight - 16 August 2019
Photo of Ebrahim Patel

DTI washes its hands of lottery scandal

Minister Ebrahim Patel is legally obliged to hold the National Lotteries Commission accountable

By Tessa Knight - 15 August 2019
Photo of parents protesting

This is what it’s like to go to school in Hanover Park

If they hear gunshots the “kids know if they outside they have to go to the nearest classroom and hit the floor”

By Tessa Knight - 12 August 2019