Articles by Sophia Wilhelm

Photo of two people sitting next to one another

Safe Space helping to reintegrate Cape Town’s homeless

“They can help you, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to change your life”

By Sophia Wilhelm - 3 December 2018
Photo of a woman making breakfast

Mitchells Plain model set for Vegas

Teenager with Down syndrome has already won two awards

By Sophia Wilhelm - 30 November 2018
Photo of Nicole Puterson

Evicted Gympie Street residents face bleak future

“For us to go and stay in another place is like starting all over again”

By Sophia Wilhelm - 16 November 2018
Photo of shack being demolished

Shack dwellers evicted from Langa for N2 Gateway project

Joe Slovo residents watch as their shacks are demolished

By Mary-Anne Gontsana and Sophia Wilhelm - 7 November 2018
Photo of a person

Transgender discrimination is worse if you are poor

Hormone therapy and surgery are expensive and out of reach for many transpeople

By Sophia Wilhelm - 26 October 2018
Photo of protesters

City lost R140 million it could have spent on poor people, say protesters

Housing activists protest at offices of Growthpoint Properties in Cape Town

By Sophia Wilhelm - 4 October 2018
Graph showing rate of late judgments by court

Two thirds of reserved judgments in SA courts are late


By Sophia Wilhelm and Tara Osborne - 27 September 2018
Photo of homeless man

Homeless people face an uphill battle to get disability grants

“They seldom have an ID and cannot provide proof of residence”

By Sophia Wilhelm and Tariro Washinyira - 14 September 2018
Photo of marchers with banner

Township residents march on Parliament as crime statistics are released

“We sleep hearing gunshots and wake up hearing gunshots”

By Thembela Ntongana and Sophia Wilhelm - 11 September 2018
Photo of Maiden's Cove

Maiden’s Cove development under fire

The matter is now before the courts

By Sophia Wilhelm - 4 September 2018