Photo of burst drain

Burst drain goes unfixed for three weeks in Durban neighbourhood

Stagnant water causes terrible smell and increase in flies

By Musa Binda - 16 May 2019
Photo of protest

Parents close school, want principal fired

“Do they want a child to drown in one of those pit toilets?”

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 14 May 2019
Photo of rubbish

Rubbish piles up on Diepsloot street

“We eat and breathe this bad smell everyday”

By Chris Gilili - 13 May 2019
Photo of  Nwabisa collecting water

Villagers in Port St Johns drink from murky pond water

Ward councillor blames vandals, residents for community’s taps running dry

By Buziwe Nocuze - 10 May 2019
Photo of a street with a bucket

Faeces spread in president’s path

Protests in Makhanda ahead of Ramaphosa’s Freedom Day rally

By Lucas Nowicki - 29 April 2019
Photo of a child next to a toilet

Manzana toilets finally finished

The project began in October 2018

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 26 April 2019
Photo of protesters

Buy or expropriate the land, Marikana shack dwellers tell City

“In a big and beautiful city like Cape Town I don’t expect this kind of life”

By Tariro Washinyira - 24 April 2019
Photo of a street lined with wheeliebins

“All we want is to see the government collect the rubbish”

Uncollected garbage in refuse bins has lined the streets of Uitenhage for three weeks

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 9 April 2019
Photo of a mound of rubish

“The municipality is not collecting our rubbish, but they threaten to arrest us if we dump”

Residents say Queenstown is left with only one garbage truck

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 4 April 2019
Photo of people in an informal settlement

Bobani must deliver on his promises to PE shack dwellers, say protesters

Councillor promises that informal settlements in NU29 will have services in two weeks

By Joseph Chirume - 1 April 2019
Photo of pipe in road

Give us water not toilets, say Newcastle residents

Manzana settlement resorts to illegal connections

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 22 March 2019
Photo of protesters

Frustrated by lack of services, shack dwellers block Baden Powell Drive

“The City will never help us until we protest.”

By Vincent Lali - 18 March 2019
photo of a woman outsdie her house

Living beside an open sewer in Port Elizabeth

“Raw sewage pops out of the ground … It eventually overflows into the house”

By Joseph Chirume - 18 March 2019
Photo of protesters

Cape Town shack dwellers march for RDP houses

“As long as each family has a tap, a toilet, and a box of electricity, we will be happy.”

By Vincent Lali - 15 March 2019
Photo of a toilet

Janitors face losing battle in Khayelitsha as taps fail

City investigating low water pressure problem

By Vincent Lali - 12 March 2019
Photo of a street with an overflowing drain

Overflowing drain stinks out Vrygrond

Blockage is severe and will take time to fix says City

By Velani Ludidi - 8 March 2019