Photo of children and a dog in a dusty street

Covid-19: Filthy toilets, no water … fighting the virus in Upington’s informal settlements

Toilets haven’t been emptied for weeks in some places

By Selby Nomnganga - 3 April 2020
Photo of man watering the vegetable garden

School for disabled battles to stay open

Seven teachers resign at Oasis centre in Upington

By Selby Nomnganga - 6 March 2020
Photo of surviving Upington 26

Former “Upington 26” prisoner remembered

Ivan Kazi’s death leaves 14 of the 26 still alive

By Selby Nomnganga - 31 January 2020
Photo of man and derelict netball field

Township schools run sports events in the street

MEC tells schools to apply for Lottery funding

By Selby Nomnganga - 24 January 2020
Photo of man inside shop

Immigrant shop owner under police protection after looting

Spate of xenophobic violence follows murder of policeman

By Selby Nomnganga - 22 January 2020
Photo of man addressing crowd of children at school

Nine hundred Upington learners start school without any toilets at all

Mobile toilets company refuses to bring back toilets because owner says he has not been paid

By Selby Nomnganga - 15 January 2020
Photo of man in dirty clothes holding a rock

Ex-political prisoner dies, leaving family in poverty

Albert Tywili was one of the Upington 14

By Selby Nomnganga - 6 November 2019
Photo of a grave

Apartheid survives beyond the grave

Upington’s neglected cemeteries reflect the divisions of the past

By Selby Nomnganga - 12 February 2018
Photo of William Sifumba in front of monument to "Upington 26".

Telling the story of the“Upington 26”

Locked gates keep residents out of memorial

By Selby Nomnganga - 1 July 2016