Covid-19: Eastern Cape doctor describes life-and-death decisions

“There’s no doubt that this is the biggest challenge we face in the living memory of being in practice for 20 years”

By Johnnie Isaac - 21 July 2020
Photo of building

Covid-19 lockdown bridges social divide for Durban’s homeless

Raymond Perrier of the Denis Hurley Centre says it took three days to achieve what NGOs had been trying to do for three years

By Tania Broughton - 24 April 2020
Photo of climate change protest

Extinction Rebellion comes to South Africa

We interview the local leadership

By Ashraf Hendricks - 11 June 2019
Photo of Mogoeng Mogoeng

Chief Justice’s office spent R114 million on travel. We asked why

Interview with Judiciary’s spokesperson

By GroundUp Staff - 17 May 2019
Photo of woman protesting for higher wages

Low wages will not solve South Africa’s unemployment problem, argues economist

Growth in manufacturing is essential but not at the expense of workers

By Aidan Jones - 18 February 2019
Photo of woman speaking on a mic

We are ready for healing, says new Equal Education general secretary

Organisation looks to build on recent success while learning from mistakes

By Zoë Postman - 25 July 2018
Photo of Khanyisile Kweyama

Will Prasa’s new board get it back on track? An interview with Khanyisile Kweyama

PRASA is in ICU but not the morgue, says new chairperson

By Aidan Jones and Kimon de Greef - 6 June 2018
Photo of an award ceremony

First year firefighter rises to the top

Amiena Pillay received the award for Best Seasonal Firefighter from the City of Cape Town

By Eryn Scannell - 4 May 2018
Photo of drilling into Cape Flats aquifer

Drought: City answers your questions

Ian Neilson, JP Smith and Priya Reddy respond to readers’ questions

By GroundUp Staff - 27 January 2018
Photo of City of Cape Town

Airbnb and Cape Town’s rising rents: an interview with Chris Lehane

The company’s strategy boss says regulation is welcome. But why hasn’t government done so?

By Steve Kretzmann - 23 October 2017
Photo of Brett Herron

Brett Herron explains Cape Town’s big housing policy shift

The way development takes place needs to change if we’re to have a more equitable city, says councillor

By Kimon de Greef - 4 October 2017
Photo of a man at a desk

John Fredericks: “I’ve been labelled a skollie all my life”

Author talks about how his acclaimed movie is helping to change lives on the Cape Flats

By Barbara Maregele - 15 September 2017
Photo of three politicians

Pityana asks MPs to vote according to conscience

“Zuma and his cohorts conduct themselves in a way that represents a betrayal of the liberation movement”

By Moira Levy - 21 July 2017
Photo of protester throwing stone

Adam Habib: Wits is reaching a point of no return

Vice-Chancellor speaks on the student protests, a poll on whether Wits should resume lectures, and the consequences of a shutdown

By Benita Enoch - 28 September 2016
Photo of protesters

1976 in Cape Town: recollections of 11 August

"We did not burn the schools"

By Thembela Ntongana - 16 June 2016
Photo of Thuli Ndlovu

“Leaders by day and gangsters by night”

Abahlali welcomes conviction of councillors for murder of activist

By Thembela Ntongana - 24 May 2016