Articles by Tariro Washinyira

“I’m scared to be among my own brothers and sisters” says gay Zimbabwean activist

A week ago a man living in Langa was assaulted by two other Zimbabwean men


News | 25 August 2021

Mother without ID struggles for years to enrol children at school

The departments of Home Affairs and Social Development are currently helping the Kuilsriver family


News | 12 August 2021

Today’s heroes: the “ordinary” women who hold South Africa together

We interviewed five South African women who have overcome adversity to support their families.

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Feature | 9 August 2021

Home Affairs to renew Angolan Special Permit as deadline looms

Online application at the Visa Facilitation Services expected to start on 16 August and could take eight weeks to process


News | 6 August 2021

Families living along Cape Town railway line to be resettled

Court rules that the land occupiers must get basic services on new land


News | 6 August 2021

“Serving from the pot, you pray that the food is enough”

Community soup kitchens say the number of people coming for food has increased in recent months


News | 23 July 2021

Covid-19: Restaurant owners fume at TERS failures

Many immigrant restaurant workers find themselves excluded from payment system


News | 20 July 2021

Xenophobia alive in some schools, human rights meeting is told

Matric children of immigrants born in South Africa also battle to get IDs so that they can enrol in tertiary education, but Home Affairs is trying to fix this


News | 20 July 2021

Refugees frustrated by Home Affairs online renewal system

Officials accused of exploiting asylum seekers’ desperation at the Pretoria refugee centre

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News | 13 July 2021

Gun lobby says proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Bill won’t reduce violent crime

The police ministry has received over 100,000 submissions on the bill. Comment period extended to 2 August


News | 1 July 2021

Waiter loses job a second time because of the pandemic

Restaurant staff left without any income as SA goes back to Level 4


News | 29 June 2021

How risky is public transport for infectious disease? We tested it

Next time you hop on a bus, you’ll want to shout: “Open the windows!”

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Feature | 29 June 2021

Commuters have deserted Metrorail

Another year at best before Cape Town Central line resumes service to Khayelitsha

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News | 21 June 2021

SAHRC commissioner finds sewage gushing from drains in Cape Town housing project

Residents of Victoria Mxenge demand a permanent solution to sewerage problems


News | 15 June 2021

Judge to oversee plan to re-open Cape Town Refugee Reception Office

Court rules Home Affairs must provide monthly progress reports


Brief | 18 May 2021