Articles by James Stent

R45-million victory for PRASA

In a decision that vindicates Martha Ngoye, an arbitrator has ordered SA Fence and Gate to pay back the money


12 February 2021

So who really is on the PRASA board?

Confusion over Department of Transport representative as CEO appears to contradict chair of board


10 February 2021

Is PRASA’s board unlawful?

No evidence of board member from Department of Transport


9 February 2021

Sacked executives take PRASA to court

Board lacked authority to fire them, argues Martha Ngoye in her Labour Court application


8 February 2021

Executive who saved PRASA billions has been fired

Dismissal of three executives on spurious grounds is a setback against the fight against corruption


2 February 2021

Nearly 85,000 older South Africans have probably died from Covid-19

Pensioners at high risk and easily ignored


25 January 2021

Covid-19: this second wave is relentless, say paramedics

“This virus has totally changed the way that we work”


18 January 2021

Will vaccines eradicate SARS-CoV-2?

Scientists predict the virus will be with us for the long-run - but as just another common cold


18 January 2021

Record number of South Africans died in first week of 2021

11,000 of the nearly 20,000 deaths are considered excess deaths. The vast majority are likely due to Covid-19

By and

13 January 2021

Vaccine rollout: Here is where South Africa stands

More questions than answers, as health department plays cards close to chest


21 December 2020

Judge Makhubele backs down from fight with JSC

PRASA Judge will pay wasted costs


14 December 2020

Covid-19: Blood tests to be conducted on 19,000 people in nine provinces

HSRC releases details of nationwide survey


9 December 2020

Minimum wage should go up 4.5%, says Commission

Domestic workers should earn the same by 2022, say majority of commissioners


7 December 2020

New surveys may shed light on SA’s Covid epidemic

But have we tested too few people, too late?


4 December 2020

Judges in shack demolition case fail to reach agreement

Matter to be reheard by three judges of the Western Cape High Court


2 December 2020

South Africa has the best HIV policies, report finds

Progressive policies linked to drop in new infections in Southern Africa


1 December 2020