Articles by Yamkela Ntshongwana

Photo of a woman

69-year-old woman scrap collector sleeps by the roadside

Eastern Cape women spend weeks on the road collecting ferrous metals

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 10 December 2018
Photo of dam

Call for dam to be fenced after child drowns

Open dams in Cofimvaba have claimed several lives

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 23 November 2018
Photo of a rondavel and children

School has 196 learners and ten grades but only four classrooms

“I feel like I am running three different schools,” says principal

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 1 November 2018
Photo of a rubbish strewn street

Strike in Ngcobo put on hold after two weeks

86 casual workers are demanding permanent positions

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik and Yamkela Ntshongwana - 22 October 2018
Photo of a village

Eastern Cape villagers must wait two months or walk miles to clinics

With only three mobile clinics to serve 93 places in Intsika Yethu, weekly visits are not possible

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik and Yamkela Ntshongwana - 19 October 2018
Photo of a row of children

Parents have to build toilets for Eastern Cape school

Learners at schools in Cofimvaba have to relieve themselves outside

By Yamkela Ntshongwana and Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 12 October 2018
Photo of three people

An Eastern Cape mother has been carrying her disabled son on her back for 23 years. Now at last he has a wheelchair

Good Samaritan comes to the rescue

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 1 October 2018
Photo of cars blocked on road

14 arrests in Eastern Cape taxi protest

“A bullet missed me. I felt it passing my face”

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik and Yamkela Ntshongwana - 20 September 2018

Woman opens her home to abandoned children

Nomtha Mboneli is caring for ten children in her village in the rural Eastern Cape

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 6 September 2018
Photo of traffic jam on road

“Violence is the only language our government understands”

Ngcobo residents block R61, demand better roads

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik and Yamkela Ntshongwana - 7 August 2018
Photo of new toilets

Rural school gets toilets thanks to private company

For years primary school children were forced to use an open field

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 20 July 2018
Photo of protesters

Engcobo residents demand mayor step down

Community organisations allege corruption, demand municipality be put under administration

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 18 May 2018
Photo of small children squatting in a field

School children have to use a field as a toilet

We feel abandoned by the government, says parent

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 11 May 2018
Photo of a village

Village in the dark since the dawn of democracy

Vuyisile Khabiqheya, 23, has lived his whole life without electricity

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 19 April 2018
Photo of woman in shack

Police failed to protect us from mob justice, says Eastern Cape family

Man’s house burned down after he was accused of a stabbing which never took place

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 9 January 2018
Photo of a family sitting on a bed

Family of 8 live in one-room mud house

Disabled daughter doesn’t get her grant because of a birth certificate problem

By Yamkela Ntshongwana - 11 November 2017