Hundreds march to Union Buildings over health system corruption

Protesters speak of ignorance and bigotry from clinic staff


News | 19 October 2021

We followed community health worker Katrina Jacobs for a day. It’s incredible what she does

She is one of thousands providing essential care across the country


Feature | 21 August 2020

Staff picket over plan to convert TB hospital to treat Covid-19

Emergency medical services and unions say personal protective equipment is in short supply


Brief | 8 May 2020

Cape Town’s children seem to be getting healthier

Cases of diarrhoea and malnutrition have dropped


News | 11 July 2019

South African researchers develop quicker way to detect drug resistance

Local man develops resistance to new TB medicine despite good adherence


Science | 10 July 2019

International tuberculosis commission praises SA government’s increased investment

TB killed 1.6 million people worldwide in 2017


News | 1 April 2019

New tuberculosis vaccine raises hopes

But one more large trial is needed, says TB activist


Brief | 28 September 2018

How do we prevent South Africans from getting sick with TB?

Part three of a three-part series on a neglected disease that kills over a hundred thousand South Africans every year


Feature | 22 May 2018

TB research is underfunded but new medicines are on their way

Part two of a three part series on a neglected disease that kills over a hundred thousand South Africans every year


Feature | 17 May 2018

Why do so many South Africans die of TB?

Part one of a three part series on a neglected disease which kills over 100,000 South Africans every year


Feature | 16 May 2018

Former Aids council head criticises government plan

But Fareed Abdullah says it is not too late to improve it


News | 17 June 2017

Aids Council responds to corruption allegations

Civil society organisations called “malicious”


News | 15 June 2017

South Africa is making progress against its most deadly disease

Number of new cases is dropping


News | 14 June 2017

Drug offers new option for patients with TB and Aids

Clinical trial shows positive effects of steroid for patients on ARVs


News | 2 March 2017

South African study offers hope against drug-resistant TB

New simpler, shorter regimen has high cure rate

By and

News | 20 February 2017

From illness to health: how I’ve thrived with HIV

Jaque Wambui was dangerously ill with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in 2006 - here's why she hasn't been ill since


News | 19 July 2016