Articles by Elsabé Brits

Men should spend on average 50 minutes more a day on household duties, report finds

Only then would men do 50% of the unpaid care work


17 June 2021

Africa has a higher death rate among critically ill Covid-19 patients than anywhere else

The death rate was 48% compared to the global average of 32%


21 May 2021

Covid-19 has hit pregnant women hard

Researchers find higher rates of still births and maternal deaths


7 April 2021

Military health workers denied Covid-19 vaccines

“Endangering [your] own forces is a criminal offence. The surgeon general should resign immediately”


24 March 2021

This is how South Africa’s vaccination programme works. But is the system able to scale up?

Getting vaccinated “is the best thing you can do for yourself” says Groote Schuur nurse

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17 March 2021

Leading research institute says there should be no new trials of hydroxychloroquine for Covid

The drug has failed to prevent or treat the disease, and it has lots of side-effects


12 March 2021

Ivermectin study boosts regulator’s court defence

The first substantial peer-reviewed clinical trial of the drug against Covid-19 finds no evidence that it is a wonder medicine


8 March 2021

“The slow violence of malnutrition”

One in four children under five is undernourished and one in eight is overweight or obese, say researchers

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18 February 2021

Wits researchers announce “breakthrough” in HIV prevention

Injection much more effective than daily pills in preventing infection in women


10 November 2020

20 shacks ignited in five minutes in experiment

University fire engineering research shows that fire-resistant paint does not work


12 October 2020

UCT professor’s research offers hope of treatment for sickle cell anaemia

80% of babies born with the disease are in sub-Saharan Africa


2 September 2020

Covid-19 testing: Are we scaling up?

Government is struggling to meet its testing targets. But there is progress.


20 April 2020

Covid-19: How South Africa will test for the virus

TB test repurposed for Covid-19 will massively increase capacity


6 April 2020

Authorities prepare South Africa for coronavirus

No cases detected in the country, but National Institute for Communicable Diseases has put systems in place


27 January 2020

Study shows targeted interventions can reduce gender violence

Results from a programme run in urban informal settlements in eThekwini look promising


30 October 2019

Groote Schuur unveils new cancer machine that can treat 40 patients a day

The hospital treats 3,000 new oncology patients a year


3 October 2019