Woman to pay damages for falsely accusing ex-husband of rape

Two of the five Appeal judges disagree


11 February 2021

Protesters demand rape suspect be detained

Accused handed over to police by his parents


20 July 2020

“GBV is a pandemic. Do something about it!”

Hundreds protest against violence against women at Parliament


30 June 2020

Landmark rape ruling overturned by Supreme Court of Appeal

Rape survivor who sued the police for negligence should not get damages, court rules


6 May 2020

Woman raped in public library organises protest to demand better security

About 50 learners from various high schools protested outside Uitenhage Public Library


6 March 2020

Sexual offences courts’ regulations finally gazetted

Date for implementation still to be set


6 February 2020

Here’s how the common purpose rule now applies to gang rape

“The court must not be implicated in perpetuating patriarchy and rape culture”


17 December 2019

Family in Brakpan terrorised for laying rape charges

“They always break the door and enter with guns, pangas, golf clubs and sticks. They beat us”


28 October 2019

Thousands march in Gugulethu against gender-based violence

“Until we fix ourselves as men, then nothing will come right”


24 October 2019

“No one was going to believe me” says rape survivior

Eastern Cape women struggle with prosecution of rapists


8 August 2019

“I want all my rapists to be arrested”

Rape survivor says the police have failed her time and again


20 February 2019

Child rape survivors left without counselling

Mental health care a “lottery” for survivors of sexual violence


28 November 2018

Rhodes University shut down after student takes her own life

Students and staff demand action against gender-based violence on campus


7 August 2018

Mother of raped, disabled child says police have failed them

“She could not identify an accused. The police could therefore not proceed with further investigation” says SAPS


5 April 2018

“I sent my child to the school to learn, not to be raped”

School security guard in Ngcobo court charged with rape of 15-year-old


21 February 2018