Elections 2021: Fragile coalitions erode basic services in Nama Khoi municipality

R205 million in irregular expenditure in 2020, R201 million in 2019, R198 million in 2018


10 June 2021

Elections 2021: Despite scandals and huge wastage, the ANC council looks secure in Hantam

This Northern Cape ward covers a massive amount of territory and only has 22,000 people, but it exemplifies the local government problems across the country


26 May 2021

Upington municipality breaks promise to protesters

Dawid Kruiper mayor and speaker “not available” for promised council meeting


10 December 2020

Green Scorpions probe coastal dams

Diamond mining technique on Namaqualand beaches under scrutiny


26 June 2020

Residents demand transport for learners who walk up to 9km

Department promises emergency transport this week


13 January 2020

What Appeal Court’s fracking judgment means

Ruling may lead to better environmental oversight


14 August 2019

Lottery-funded rehab centre unfinished after two years

#DodgyLottery part four: R17 million has been spent on Kuruman facility


12 August 2019

The Lottery-funded library with empty shelves

#DodgyLottery part three: R20 million has been spent on the Credo Mutwa Museum and Library, with very little to show for it


7 August 2019

Kuruman’s unfinished R23 million old age home

#DodgyLottery part two: The National Lotteries Commission has denied that companies linked to its COO are involved. We present evidence to the contrary.


5 August 2019

Conflicts of interest and incomplete projects: How Lottery money is being spent

#DodgyLottery part one: National Lotteries Commission COO Phillemon Letwaba linked to controversial grants


1 August 2019

South Africa’s KAT has begun prowling the universe

MeerKAT is tuning into thousands of “radio channels” at a time


5 March 2019

How the SKA is helping South Africa

Northern Cape towns benefit from one of the world’s largest astronomy projects


24 January 2019

Karoo project will unlock universe’s mysteries

A massive but simple telescope is being made from wire mesh, PVC and telephone poles


24 January 2019

Kumba Iron Ore demolishes Dingleton hostel

Residents losing long battle to stay in abandoned town


16 January 2019

Municipality in debt so Eskom cuts electricity to households

Eskom is owed over R258 million by several Northern Cape towns


25 October 2017

Mining company to begin mediation talks with Northern Cape community

Conditions in Dingleton are intolerable says attorney


24 April 2017