Net1 wins case to allow deductions on social grant accounts

High Court says SASSA beneficiaries should be allowed to choose how they use their Grindrod bank accounts


Law | 9 May 2017

Activists go to court to overturn Tafelberg sale

Campaigners want Sea Point property to be used for affordable housing

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Law | 8 May 2017

Australian company sues SA environmental lawyers for defamation

Mining company accused of damaging West Coast is claiming over R1 million in damages from activists


Law | 8 May 2017

Helping someone to die: what the law currently says

Campaigners for assisted dying still have some way to go to achieve their goal


Law | 4 May 2017

Court orders senior municipal managers to pay costs out of their own pocket

Judgment should worry state employees who make incompetent decisions


Law | 3 May 2017

No birth certificate, no school

How undocumented children are unlawfully denied access to education


Law | 19 April 2017

Judge to visit Grootkraal school before reaching verdict

Decision in eviction case not expected for some time


Law | 13 April 2017

Court asked to tell government to consider expropriating land near Cango Caves

Battle over future of Grootkraal community enters second day


Law | 12 April 2017

Judge accuses education MEC of disrespecting learners’ rights

Oudtshoorn community in court to try to stop eviction


Law | 11 April 2017

Warrant for search-and-seizure at West Coast mine ruled invalid

But Judge says environmental charges against the mining company “cannot be said to lack substance”


Law | 20 March 2017

Cape court to deliver vital environmental judgment

Will an Australian mine on the West Coast be held to account for allegedly causing a cliff to collapse?


Law | 20 March 2017

Court strikes blow against quackery

Dr Hugh Brathwaite falsely claimed that his product could prevent HIV transmission


Law | 16 March 2017

Constitutional Court decision could change TV landscape

Encryption of digital signal at issue


Law | 15 March 2017

Court case to have major impact on land ownership for black women

Long shadow of apartheid laws perpetuates discrimination


Law | 13 March 2017

Russian nuclear deal places massive liability on South Africans

The country would be liable for any accident transporting nuclear material from Vladivostok to Qatar for instance


Law | 24 February 2017

Russian deal has far-reaching financial implications, says Earthlife lawyer

Agreement doesn’t mean nuclear reactors about to be built, argues state


Law | 23 February 2017