Young entrepreneur designs anti-gang fashion in Eldorado Park

Roemella Shemba makes clothes under the brand name #AntiGang


Video | 5 May 2023

Social workers attacked and under severe strain in Cape Town townships

Western Cape will hire an extra 247 social workers for the coming financial year


News | 3 April 2023

Tensions brew between coloured and black communities in Nigel over housing occupation

“Our government has succeeded in dividing us as a people because we are now fighting against each other because of the mess it created”


News | 24 March 2023

Insulting language by a lawyer cannot be tolerated in court, says SCA

The Supreme Court of Appeal has blocked a bad tempered, disrespectful law graduate from being admitted as an attorney


Law | 8 March 2023

Over 1,000 march in support of queer pride

“We should be able to live without fear of being persecuted just for who we are”


Photo Essay | 6 March 2023

Cape Town is moving people off the streets. We asked homeless residents what they thought

“We are also part of the community,” says Nathan Ludick, who lives in Virginia Avenue Park


Photo Essay | 22 February 2023

Gandhi’s legacy in South Africa threatened by lack of government interest and dwindling funds

Gandhi Museum and the Phoenix Settlement he founded no longer have any major donors


News | 17 February 2023

Concern over teenage pregnancies and school dropouts in Northern Cape

Without enough community, family and school support, pregnant learners struggle to finish their schooling


News | 7 February 2023

Phoenix still unsettled by 2021 unrest

Collapsing basic services are crippling the town’s attempts to rebuild community


Feature | 1 February 2023

Families flock to Cape Town’s historic tidal pools

Some people came as children, now they bring their own children


Photo Essay | 18 January 2023

Where are children playing this December?

A photo essay and reflection

Text and Photos by Masixole Feni

Photo Essay | 22 December 2022

Concourt did not legalise weed in the workplace – Labour Court rules

Employers have the right to enforce zero-tolerance policies outlawing the use of cannabis


Law | 7 December 2022

Very few South Africans can swim, says the NSRI. It aims to change this

Drowning is one of the biggest causes of unnatural death in the world


News | 18 November 2022

How to get divorced without losing your money or your sanity

A mediator can reduce costs and psychological damage


Law | 7 October 2022

Children caught using cannabis will no longer be criminally prosecuted

Concourt rules sections of Drugs act unconstitutional. But ruling makes it clear that the court does not condone drug use by children.


Law | 29 September 2022