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Covid-19: Medical association slams decision to force two doctors to isolate in TB hospital

“The court action you embarked on to force these doctors into a provincial facility, and the manner in which these doctors have been treated by yourself and certain healthcare staff of the province, is most unsettling”

By GroundUp Staff - 3 April 2020
Photo of patients outside the clinic gates

Covid-19: Clinic staff serve patients through a fence in Uitenhage

NEHAWU concerned about lack of patient confidentiality being exercised by staff

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 3 April 2020
Photo of ambulances

Covid-19: Emergency workers refuse to attend to patient until they get proper equipment

Eight employees face disciplinary charges

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 30 March 2020
Photo of police

A message for police and soldiers: We support what you’re doing but do it gently

Our constitutional democracy should not be placed at risk by the Covid-19 lockdown

By GroundUp Editors - 26 March 2020
Photo of laboratory test equipment

Covid-19: Why testing takes time and what to expect

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes in the testing labs than most patients realise

By Fatima Khan - 25 March 2020
Graphic of coronavirus

How a Cape Town group is helping neighbourhoods fight Covid-19

As confirmed cases pass 400, we all need to do our part

By Liezl Human - 23 March 2020
Photo of initiates

Covid-19: Circumcision schools suspended in Eastern Cape

Teams sent to Chris Hani, Komani, OR Tambo and Port St John’s to “rescue boys” in illegal schools, says Provincial Chair of House of Traditional leaders

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 23 March 2020
Photo of front of hospital

Christiaan Barnard Memorial wasn’t ready to accept Covid-19 patient

Woman is now being treated in Groote Schuur

By James Stent - 20 March 2020
Photo of family kneeling with photo of child

Tensions high in informal settlement after child is electrocuted

Riemvasmaak residents plan action after the funeral of Royden Plaatjies

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 19 March 2020
Photo of a figure on crutches

Dysfunctional Compensation Fund leaves medical professionals “out of pocket”

“Doctors can’t give you a service without payment”

By Liezl Human - 18 March 2020
Photo of people queuing

Covid-19: Taxi commuters anxious about pandemic

City of Cape Town says it will implement a number of precautionary measures at public transport interchanges in the coming days

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 18 March 2020
Photo of people waiting at clinic

Covid-19: Caluza clinic is bad enough in normal times

During an epidemic it may be much worse

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 16 March 2020
Photo of a hospital

Joubertina Hospital night shift closed since November after robbery

Nearest hospital is 45km away

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 16 March 2020
Photo of the hospital

Hospital general staff down tools

Uitenhage Provincial Hospital management to meet with union on Monday

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 13 March 2020
Photo of woman washing hands

Covid-19: Washing hands is not easy when you have no running water

“It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you stay in a house because you have a tap inside, but it’s difficult when you have to walk long, tiring distances to fetch water”

By Vincent Lali, James Stent, Nathan Geffen and Thamsanqa Mbovane - 12 March 2020
Photo of patients sitting at the gates of the clinic

Health Department accused of failing to pay security guards at Motherwell clinics

Security guards were only paid 50% of their salaries in February

By Joseph Chirume - 3 March 2020