Silicosis: diagnosing the disease beyond the grave

Q(h)ubeka Trust finds way to pay out widow of miner in spite of lack of medical records

News | 14 September 2023

SA’s injury statistics are not accurate, experts warn

South African Medical Research Council says death notification form must be changed


News | 13 September 2023

Silicosis: 68-year-old mineworker gets compensation payout months before he dies

Q(h)ubeka Trust winds up after paying out R420-million in compensation following court settlement with employers

News | 13 September 2023

Video: Kalahari project gives people back their sight

Removing cataracts is easy and inexpensive. Yet in some parts of South Africa thousands of people are waiting for surgery.

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Video | 6 September 2023

Elderly Gugulethu women celebrated at end of Women’s Month

“Our own children don’t take care of us, they neglect us. These clubs help us feel accepted and loved” says pensioner.


Brief | 1 September 2023

We bought dagga. It was probably illegal. Here’s why

The Medicines Act is being misused while Parliament dithers

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Feature | 25 August 2023

Health department must hand over Covid vaccine procurement documents

The Health Justice Initiative wants to assess the legality and cost-effectiveness of the pandemic rollout


Law | 17 August 2023

Court ruling means that pharmacists can prescribe to people with HIV

Specially trained pharmacists will be allowed to manage and prescribe medicine to patients with HIV and/or tuberculosis


Law | 15 August 2023

Health activists make over 12,000 submissions on draft food labelling regulations

The proposed warning labels will clearly indicate when food is high in sugar, salt and fat or contains artificial sweeteners, but the sugar industry has warned against “demonising sugar”


News | 31 July 2023

This vaccine at birth can save thousands of lives

Hepatitis B is a silent killer and one of the leading causes of liver cancer


News | 31 July 2023

Staff at Chatsworth hospital picket over poor working conditions

Staff shortages saw nurses having to work as cleaners and clerks


Brief | 13 July 2023

Teenagers march in Kariega for better sexual and reproductive health services

Partners in Sexual Health director says while government has made some progress, the challenge is in the implementation of its policies


Brief | 11 July 2023

Health workers protest at Lentegeur hospital

Unhappiness over payments and workers left jobless


Brief | 29 June 2023

Kariega clinics closed after staff robbed at gunpoint

Eastern Cape health department says five incidents at different clinics have left staff and patients traumatised


Brief | 27 June 2023

Hundreds march to Gugulethu clinic demanding better service

Protesters want a new hospital to be built


News | 21 June 2023

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer stops Clicks selling cheaper generic blood thinning medication

The judge took over a year to rule in “urgent application”


Law | 8 June 2023