Portia Michaels has stayed in Longlands for 28 years.

Farm community demands homes promised over a decade ago

Stellenbosch Municipality blames developer for delays

By Barbara Maregele - 7 December 2018
Photo of marchers at magistrates court

New school bus on the cards for Cape Winelands learners

Education department also reviewing rules on provision of scholar transport for rural areas

By Barbara Maregele - 15 November 2018
Photo of farm workers marching.

Farm workers demand dividends from black empowerment scheme

They have accused Endulini Fruit Farm of fronting in order to get land rights

By Joseph Chirume - 13 November 2018
Photo of banner

President Cyril Ramaphosa ignores calls for moratorium on farm evictions

Activists say moratorium is necessary to secure the tenure rights of all farm dwellers

By Barbara Maregele - 16 October 2018
Photo of marching workers

Citrus workers on strike in Eastern Cape

Workers say farmers are still not paying minimum wage of R20 an hour

By Joseph Chirume - 29 August 2018
Photo of a cow in a street

Herds of cows, grunting pigs, chickens and goats invade RDP yards

“We know we are not supposed to live with cattle, but where else can we go?” asks elderly resident

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 27 August 2018
Photo of two men with documents

Farmers complain their cattle are being impounded

“The herd was our pride,” farmer says after Kouga municipality auctions off cattle

By Joseph Chirume - 14 August 2018
Photo of two people and cows

It is not easy keeping cows in the township

Kwathema resident hopes to have land for his cattle one day

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 16 July 2018
Photo of a woman and child

After the grape season ended, my landlord cast me out

Homeless seasonal grape pickers continue to occupy Kraaifontein land

By Vincent Lali - 11 July 2018
Photo of crowd

Citrus strike ends as farmers agree to R20 an hour

Workers in Sundays River Valley return to farms

By Joseph Chirume - 7 June 2018
Photo of woman showing man  a house

Western Cape could be testing ground for land expropriation without compensation, says minister

Mcebisi Skwatsha says government is considering action to protect families from eviction in Drakenstein

By Barbara Maregele - 5 June 2018
Photo of woman in meeting

Woman faces eviction after 51 years on a farm

200 people under threat of eviction in Simondium, meeting told

By Barbara Maregele - 31 May 2018
Photo of placards

“No toilets equals crap wine” farm workers warn

Workers march for better working conditions

By Barbara Maregele - 31 May 2018
Photo of three people

When losing your job means losing your home

Former farm worker battles to keep house on Ceres farm but farmer says there is a shortage of homes for current workers

By Aidan Jones - 10 May 2018
Photo of a dam

BEE farming project strangled by drought

“The dam is now at less than 10% of its capacity,” says farmer

By Aidan Jones - 25 April 2018
Photo of a woman

Tsonga farmers put vacant Gauteng municipal land to good use

“The municipality warns us when someone buys the land, then we move on”

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 11 April 2018