Photo of crowd with police officers

Their councillor was charged with murder. Now Umlazi voters want a by-election

Residents block township road in protest

By Musa Binda - 28 May 2019
Photo of people queuing to vote in 2019

GROUNDVIEW: For the first time most adults didn’t vote

There has been a decline in election participation since 1994, especially this year

By GroundUp Staff - 13 May 2019
Photo of man with megaphone

Strand protesters threaten to disrupt elections

Protest follows picket by property owners last week

By Velani Ludidi - 24 April 2019
Photo of a person entering a voting station

Fewer young people have registered to vote in the May election

Despite population growth, the number of 18 to 19-year-olds who have registered is down by almost half from the 2014 general election

By GroundUp Staff - 3 April 2019
Photo of voting station

Voter registration rate down from 2014

Electoral Commission encourages young voters to make use of “short window of opportunity”

By Aidan Jones - 29 January 2019
Photo of queues

“I’ve never voted before and I don’t intend to do so now”

Voter registration weekend in Mfuleni

By Vincent Lali - 28 January 2019
Image of IEC registration advert

IEC gives students opportunity to register after deadline

This will help out-of-town students to vote

By Lucas Nowicki - 16 January 2019
Photo of lorry with soldiers

Violence in Harare: an eye-witness account

“You can vote for MDC all you want but there is nothing you can do”

By GroundUp correspondent - 2 August 2018
Photo of Mbare hostels

Harare’s poorest residents vote in fear

“We live in a pool of faeces. Yet they want to control who we vote for.”

By GroundUp correspondent - 31 July 2018
Photo of MDC Alliance rally

Harare’s residents hail first election where state hasn’t used violence

Huge opposition rally takes place peacefully

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 29 July 2018
Logo of My Vote Counts

Understanding the My Vote Counts judgment

Within the next 18 months South Africans are likely to find out who funds which political parties

By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti - 27 June 2018
Photo of police in front of marchers

Edendale residents say they will not vote in 2019

March on legislature to demand better living conditions

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 18 April 2018
Photo of protesters

We’ll change our councillors after the elections, says ANC official

Win the ward, then we’ll change the councillor, official tells protesting Eastern Cape voters

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 4 August 2016
Photo of man outside court in Zwelitsha

ANC supporters in court over attack on rival candidate

Tension boils over in Eastern Cape ward

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik and Avela Luka - 27 July 2016
Photo of ANC office-bearers

Disputes over Pietermaritzburg election candidates spill over into violence

ANC office-bearers lay charges of assault

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 6 July 2016
Photo of Khayelitsha residents protesting outside a school

Khayelitsha residents close down school in protest

Protesters angry at ANC’s choice of election candidates

By Rejul Bejoy and Thembela Ntongana - 30 May 2016