Articles by Mosa Damane

Soweto households have been without power for six weeks

Eskom says substation will be fixed by Friday afternoon

By Mosa Damane - 21 August 2020

Soweto welfare centre struggling to help orphans after robbery

R50,000 worth of food and six computers stolen from Sizanani Caregivers

By Mosa Damane - 3 July 2020

“A bridge for my sweetheart”

Amos Khumalo built a footbridge for his community in Soweto

By Mosa Damane - 5 June 2020

R140 for a packet of cigarettes in Soweto

Spaza shop owner says ban on alcohol and tobacco has cost him R25,000

By Mosa Damane - 15 May 2020
Photos of three girl soccer players who play in mostly-boy teams

Soweto’s girls and boys play competitive soccer together

“My teammates treat me with respect and dignity. I’ve never felt harassed or experienced any form of violence and abuse.”

By Mosa Damane - 24 October 2019
Photo of man

“I called the police many times but they never came”

What victims and perpetrators of Soweto’s xenophobic violence say

By Mosa Damane - 10 September 2018

Riders of the trains

Whiteboy and Tupac are chilling on a bench in New Canada station before their usual high-octane commute to school. Whiteboy, aged 18 and in grade 11 at a former model C school in Jozi, wears a striped T-shirt, shorts and brown suede shoes. He’s smoking Dunhill Courtleigh blends. His “macala” (friend) Tupac is a year younger, with short hair, neat in school rig and black toughees (school shoes) with red laces, high as a kite on weed, with sleepy red eyes. Their excited schoolgirl fans can’t wait to see the action.

Mosa Damane - 9 April 2015

Soweto hostel dwellers repelled

Last week, residents of Soweto’s Mzimhlophe Women’s Hostel were at the forefront of a crowd that occupied 66 new homes at the hostel site which have stood empty for over seven years.

Mosa Damane - 17 February 2015

How xenophobic violence turned Joseph Tau’s life upside down

“I heard a loud noise from the looters outside the supermarket,” recalls 76-year-old Joseph Tau. “I could hear footsteps on the roof and knew they were coming for us."

Mosa Damane - 4 February 2015