Articles by Barbara Maregele

Photo of a document on a table

CPS forecasts “disruptive and stressful experience” for social grant recipients in September

Social Development Minister to address claims by CPS on Friday

By Barbara Maregele - 30 August 2018
Photo of green EasyPay card

Net1 accused of duping social grant beneficiaries

Pensioners told that the EasyPay card is the new SASSA card

By Barbara Maregele and Nompendulo Ngubane - 30 August 2018
Photo of a group of people

SASSA accused of shutting down cash points too soon

Some grant beneficiaries in rural areas battle to get their money

By Barbara Maregele and Nompendulo Ngubane - 28 August 2018
Photo of people practising karate

Mitchells Plain karate kids to compete in India

Funds still needed for journey to international martial arts tournament

By Barbara Maregele - 22 August 2018
Photo of court building

Court gives Bella Vista occupiers a month to submit affidavits

Witzenberg Municipality says the homes were only for people who had been waiting more than ten years

By Barbara Maregele - 16 August 2018
Photo of two men in parliament

SASSA grilled on computer glitch

Some beneficiaries charged up to R50 to withdraw their grants

By Barbara Maregele - 16 August 2018
Photo of houses

Woodstock residents win right to challenge City of Cape Town on housing

Court rules that Bromwell Street residents facing eviction can challenge housing plan

By Barbara Maregele and Tara Osborne - 15 August 2018
Photo of woman in broken doorway

Owner breaks down house under tenants’ feet

Woodstock property stripped before eviction hearing starts

By Barbara Maregele - 8 August 2018
Photo of man addressing meeting

Parkwood housing project gets underway

But neighbours worried about property values

By Barbara Maregele - 3 August 2018
Photo of torched train.

Who is burning Cape Town’s trains?

#UniteBehind sends letter to President Ramaphosa calling for perpetrators to be found

By Barbara Maregele - 1 August 2018
Photo of Faghmeeda Desiree Ling

Woodstock families given eight months to vacate homes

Magistrate says eviction is a result of gentrification

By Barbara Maregele - 24 July 2018
Photo of Bongile Joni and Wayne Hancock

Magistrate threatens “uncooperative” murder accused’s freedom

Bongile Joni was released on a warning despite being charged with murdering a Strand woman allegedly because of her sexual orientation

By Barbara Maregele - 18 July 2018
Photo of Strand Magistrates Court

Lesbian murder trial to start in Strand

Activists are demanding that the state explain why the accused is not in jail

By Barbara Maregele - 26 June 2018
Photo of man giving a presentation

Western Cape government identifies seven possible housing sites

Parkwood community leaders made to promise that sites won’t be occupied before development

By Barbara Maregele - 20 June 2018
Photo of two women

CPS accused of blocking transfer of social grants

Panel of experts recommends legal action

By Barbara Maregele - 20 June 2018
Photo of backyard shacks

Why families occupied land in Parkwood

“Politicians come and make promises they can’t keep”

By Barbara Maregele - 19 June 2018