Photo of protesters

Study uncovers brutal policing of sex work

Civil society and the police have begun to work together to stop the abuse

By Ashleigh Furlong - 23 March 2018
Photo of banner on church

Cape Town church calls for decriminalisation of sex work

“Jesus was the first to decriminalise sex work” says church banner

By Aidan Jones - 1 March 2018
Photo of a hotel

Police target immigrant sex workers in Gauteng

We are only following orders from Home Affairs, say police

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 12 February 2018
Photo of woman speaking

“Most sex workers are mothers”

School fees paid from sex work

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 2 October 2017
Photo of SWEAT protest

I am a sex worker: criminalising my work puts me in danger

Why the Swedish Model does not work for South Africa

By Nosipho Vidima - 14 June 2017
Photo of clinic

Cape Town gets clinic for sex workers

Facility aims to provide health care to people who are often stigmatised in the state system

By Lilly Wimberly - 12 June 2017
Photo of people protesting for decriminalisation of sex work

Doctors say commission ruling on sex work is bad for HIV prevention

Many organisations condemn SALRC report

By Ashleigh Furlong - 31 May 2017
photo of Zwelethu Mthethwa

Court “mustn’t feel sorry” for killer and artist Zwelethu Mthethwa

“In many cases the perpetrators are never found and the [victim] remains unidentified for some time”

By Ashleigh Furlong - 29 May 2017
Photo of Zwelethu Mthethwa and William Booth

Psychologist recommends against prison for guilty artist

Zwelethu Mthethwa murdered Nokuphila Kumalo, a sex worker

By Ashleigh Furlong - 24 May 2017



- 24 May 2017
Photo of sex worker holding up sign

Support group formed for sex workers who are mothers

“I saw how many children came to the Christmas party [of sex workers] and decided we had to create a support group” says founder

By Frances Aron - 12 April 2017
Photo of three people from behind

Nairobi sex workers want a research code of conduct

They have been inspired by example of South African San groups

By Melanie Gosling - 10 April 2017
Photo of woman with poster outside court

No bail for murderer of sex worker

Mthethwa’s wealth won’t get him different treatment, says judge

By Ashleigh Furlong - 31 March 2017
Photo of two men in a court room

Sex worker murderer wants bail

Mthethwa says he needs time to get his affairs in order as “potentially a few million rands were at risk”

By Ashleigh Furlong - 29 March 2017
Photo of activists outside high court

Artist found guilty of sex worker’s murder

Justice has been done, say activists

By Ashleigh Furlong - 16 March 2017
Photo of a information stall

Ask a sex worker

Sex Workers’ Rights Day commemorated on Grand Parade

By Ashleigh Furlong - 3 March 2017