Small traders suffering as a result of Cape Town taxi violence

“When the taxi drivers shoot at each other, we lie on the ground next to our stock”


23 July 2021

Duped and desperate loan seekers bring class action against online scammers

“Wily confidence tricksters” shut down in action led by Stellenbosch law clinic


22 July 2021

When will the taxi violence end, asks Cape Town commuter desperate to get to work

The government must step in and stop the strike, otherwise we will lose our jobs, says store cashier

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21 July 2021

Cape Town commuters terrorised by taxi war

82 people murdered this year and buses shot at


19 July 2021

“If you loot, you will meet the long arm of the law after we catch you” warn taxi operators

A convoy of taxis made its way through several townships in Kariega on Wednesday, urging people to refrain from looting


14 July 2021

Eastern Cape fishers celebrate chance to once again catch squid

Small-scale fisheries have been given a 15% squid quota


9 July 2021

A thriving trade has sprung up around informal mining in Gauteng

Immigrant traders supply miners with everything from water to socks


7 July 2021

Waiter loses job a second time because of the pandemic

Restaurant staff left without any income as SA goes back to Level 4


29 June 2021

Children’s Institute urges Parliament to increase Child Support Grant by R10

“It is untenable that the poorest and most vulnerable children should have to foot the bill for budget reallocations” says Katharine Hall


28 June 2021

Shoddy maintenance and safety concerns at Joburg’s landmark market

Human Rights Commission to investigate the Johannesburg Property Company’s management of Kwa Mai Mai


3 June 2021

UCT comes to defence of professor accused of racism

Battle over the future of the River Club has become extremely nasty


1 June 2021

Union starts strike against Massmart

88 workers retrenched and work hours cut as company restructures its labour force


28 May 2021

We want to move back to the dump site, say former landfill residents

About 100 people who used to live at the Makhanda dump were moved after it was upgraded


12 May 2021

Betting World picketed by workers demanding Covid-19 relief funds

The holding company is in business rescue after the pandemic shut down the horse racing industry


10 May 2021

Waste pickers’ livelihoods at risk in Johannesburg

Informal reclaimers say the expansion of Pikitup into recycling will leave them without an income


7 May 2021

Last-minute call to extend Covid-19 grant

Grant due to end on 30 April


29 April 2021