ANC councillor questioned over dodgy Lottery grant

Special Investigating Unit interviews Limpopo councillor Solly Mudau


23 September 2021

Unemployed and desperate: Over 100 people sleep outside labour office

Makhado labour office only has two staff members


21 September 2021

700 shacks demolished by Makhado municipality using an interim court order

Land occupiers say the municipality broke its 2018 promise to build them RDP houses and now it is auctioning off the land


20 September 2021

Komape family wins court battle seven years after their son drowned in a pit toilet

State must provide court with reports every six months with details of steps taken to eradicate pit toilets


17 September 2021

Threat to journalist investigating Lottery corruption

Tebogo Sithathu’s organisation got grants totalling R9.7 million, but National Lotteries Commission won’t say what it was for


30 August 2021

Parents demand more classrooms so learners can return to school full time

The rural school in Limpopo only has two brick classrooms, five mobile classrooms and a zinc sheet classroom for 353 learners


27 August 2021

R10 million in Lottery funding for a Limpopo children’s centre didn’t go to any children

No one in the area seems to know how the money for the Tshimbupfe Drop-in Centre for destitute children was used

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19 August 2021

Taps keep running dry in Louis Trichardt

Residential areas and the town centre have been without reliable water for over a month


18 August 2021

Family waits 11 hours at roadside with body of child killed in a hit-and-run

Three-year-old Mtshidzi Ngwenya was killed at a pedestrian crossing on the N1 in Limpopo at 1pm. Pathologists only came after midnight


11 August 2021

Limpopo education department is in breach of order to get rid of school pit latrines, court hears

State’s plan is unconstitutional as pit toilets will only become a thing of the past in 2030, argues SECTION27


7 August 2021

Magistrates court currently convening in a car park

Labour department closed the court building after contractor failed to complete refurbishments


6 August 2021

Undocumented immigrants left out of vaccination programme

Electronic Vaccination Data System only accepts documented immigrants


19 July 2021

Desperate Zimbabweans living on the streets of Musina say municipality makes their hard lives worse

“I thought I had grabbed a way of living … but I now live by scavenging from bins”


1 July 2021

Limpopo villagers have to buy their drinking water

Taps stopped working in Mabendenge five years ago


24 June 2021

Dr Tumi, the Lottery and the alleged fraud of R1.5 million

The modus operandi appears similar to other dodgy Lottery-funded projects

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10 June 2021

Limpopo community health workers demand permanent jobs

They also say they lack protective gear for Covid-19


8 June 2021