Dr Tumi, the Lottery and the alleged fraud of R1.5 million

The modus operandi appears similar to other dodgy Lottery-funded projects

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10 June 2021

Limpopo community health workers demand permanent jobs

They also say they lack protective gear for Covid-19


8 June 2021

Failure to fix pit latrines in Limpopo schools “outrageous”

Equal Education says there were 472 schools with pit latrines in 2019, and that grew to 515 in 2020


4 June 2021

Protesters shut down dam in Limpopo

Villagers say they live metres from the dam but their water supply is intermittent


2 June 2021

78-year-old Limpopo granny says she doubts she’ll ever see her promised house

Councillor says construction will start “soon”


12 May 2021

Parents demand brick and mortar classrooms for rural Limpopo school

The provincial education department says construction will start during the 2022/23 financial year


10 May 2021

Education department back in court over pit latrines

SECTION27 says the department only plans to eradicate pit toilets in Limpopo schools by 2030


4 May 2021

Villagers march to Makhado to demand services and job opportunities

Mayor acknowledges that there are service challenges


16 April 2021

Judge President’s gripe with lawyers leads to High Court impasse

Limpopo judge’s statement that lawyers are trying to “capture” the court prompts concern from other judges


15 April 2021

Equal Education demands audit of school feeding programmes in Limpopo

Activists say there are still learners in Mashashane, Polokwane not getting meals when they’re not at school


23 March 2021

Limpopo learners sit at home because of a shortage of teachers

School battling to accommodate children


11 March 2021

Children’s shelter faces closure after department stops funding

“We have no option but to go out in the streets begging” says a 20-year-old living at the shelter


2 March 2021

Market stalls built by municipality left to rot for years

Giyani hawkers want to know why stalls were never allocated


23 February 2021

Doris Mathebula walks 12km a day to fetch water because the municipal boreholes don’t work

Limpopo villagers say Mopani District Municipality has failed them


1 February 2021

Lotto’s R26 million half-built Limpopo old age home

Looters move in after building site abandoned

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28 January 2021

Families affected by dam construction are unhappy with state’s compensation

Water and Sanitation department says offers were fair


19 January 2021